8.68 Brady’s Girls

“Daddy? Can I go play with Neel,” Sasha asked.

“After you finish your dinner and homework. Who is Neel?”

“He’s a kid from school. He’s from far far away! That’s not his real name though.”

“Oh? What’s his real name, and where is he from?”

“His name is Neelesh, but he goes by Neel. He’s from Al Simhara! He said it’s in the dessert, and it’s really really hot.”

“You mean, the desert,” Brady laughed.

“He’s on some special program where kids from far far away get to come to school here.”

“Oh! The foreign exchange program. Do you know who he is living with?”

“Yep! He’s staying with the Anguiano family!”

“UGH,” Callie yelled in disgust. “Channing Pederson?? Get a clue, dude. NO!”

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Brady loved that he was still alive to experience this time in his daughters’ lives. Everyone his age had long since been dead, and he should have been too. But thank goodness for the Youth Potion! He only hoped to live long enough to walk at least one of them down the aisle.

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