8.69 The Boss Attempts a Comeback

The Pruett family, minus Julian (who was out with Jeannette), sat down for dinner like they did nearly every night. Viviana had just gotten home from work and helped Sasha with her homework as she ate before retreating to study. Although Viviana was very busy with working, studying, mothering, and sleeping, she found that she was handling it a lot better than she thought she would. That’s probably due to Brady’s excellent household management skills.

There was something about Viviana being around that night that made Callie revert to the way things were before life got really busy. She missed her mother. She was really depressed about the counter behind her being dirty, and she began to sigh about it similarly to the way she did when they were on vacation when she was little. Brady heard this and was not moved just like before. He was rather annoyed by this behavior, and although he loved his not-so-little princess, he didn’t appreciate what she was trying to do.

“Callie…there is a thin line between being a princess and a diva, and you’re toeing it. Clean it yourself, or stop it!”

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