8.75 Happy Birthday, Sasha

Viviana was feeling the pressure when it came time for Sasha to become a teenager. She was knee deep in her studies, and exam time was right around the corner. She was so close to becoming Dr. Viviana Pruett she could taste it. All she had to do was pass the boards.

However, with her busy schedule, being well into her second trimester, and Brady managing the house, no one thought to ask Sasha if she wanted a party or anything. But, thankfully, she was a happy-go-lucky kid and didn’t even care. As long as there was cake, she would be happy. So, on the night of her birthday, Viviana rushed home to bake her favorite cake–strawberry–to welcome her into her teen years. She and Brady crossed their fingers that, a.) she would get a good trait, and b.) there wouldn’t be any drama in the house with two teenage girls.

06-27-15_10_56 PM

“Sasha, honey! Time to blow out the candles!”

“Coming mommy,” she yelled as she ran down the hall into the kitchen.

06-27-15_10_57 PM-3
“Make a wish!”

06-27-15_10_57 PM-5

"Mommy!" "Just try again, honey."
“Just try again, honey.”

06-27-15_10_57 PM-4

06-27-15_10_57 PM-5

06-27-15_10_58 PM-4

"Taa daaaaa!"
“Taa daaaaa!”

Brady and Viviana hoped for a good trait, and she got the good trait–just like her mom. Her new aspiration is serial romantic. We’ll see how that plays out! Here is how Sasha decided to express herself in her makeover.

06-28-15_12_16 AM-2

06-27-15_11_58 PM


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