8.76 Defiance

This is my house! I go where I want!

[washing dishes]

No child of mine is gonna keep me from my house! 

[putting food away]

I’m the parent! They respect my privacy!

[walking downstairs]

Give him privacy…bah!

[rounds the corner]

06-13-15_12-13 AM

“OH,” Alayna screamed. “I’m sorry…I…I’m so sorry!”

06-13-15_12-14 AM

“Is there something you need, mama?”

“No! Not anymore. No. I’m gonna…go.”

Alayna’s face was as red as apples. When Roland saw her on her way upstairs, he knew exactly what happened.

06-13-15_12-17 AM-2

“I told you not to go down there,” he said.

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