8.79 Letter to a Friend

Dear Fiona,

How are you? I hope you’ve been getting along with your brothers and sisters nicely. Speaking of which…I have a little brother now! His name is Emerson, and little brothers are ANNOYING! He’s always bugging me and repeating everything I say. I hope my parents don’t plan on having anymore little kids. They’re old! And that’s just disgusting!

OH! My birthday was a few days ago! I’m a teenager now! Woot! I would have invited you to my party, but I didn’t have one. My mom is studying to be a doctor, and she was very pregnant too. My dad has been taking care of everything so she can focus on her test. So, I guess they didn’t remember my birthday was coming up. It’s cool though. We had strawberry cake so it was all good!

Does your family believe in fairy godmothers? When I got back from camp, I was telling my mom about everything, but my sister made fun of me for believing in them.

Do you ever hear from Free-Jon or Emelia? Do you think they still like each other? I’ve been thinking about liking someone. No one in particular, but just thinking about it in general. My brother–Julian–likes someone although he pretends not to. He’s weird. Anyway, I think I’m gonna look into finding some pen pals! I like that even though we’re far apart, we can still keep in touch. It will be cool to have a lot of friends to keep up with. And who knows…maybe one day I’ll find someone to like just like my cousin did!

Take care, my friend! We should get together sometime!

your friend,


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