8.82 Permanent Friend Zone

Devan was so close to a promotion. He was doing everything he needed to do, and even some extra. But, each evaluation period, he found that he had been passed over. This particular time was very discouraging for him, and he couldn’t hide it.

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Despite how bad he felt, he couldn’t help but notice her sad face too. He felt that anything he could have been feeling paled in comparison to whatever it was she was going through.

“What’s the matter, beautiful,” he asked.

She wanted to tell him about her own concerns, but she saw that it wasn’t a good time.

“I…don’t like how sad you look.”

True, she didn’t like the way he looked, but that wasn’t what was bothering her.

He never felt so loved in all of his life. Yes, his parents loved him very much, but that was a different kind of love. With Leliana by his side, he felt like he could accomplish and overcome anything.

“Come here,” he said and squeezed her.

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“You’re the best friend anyone could ever have,” he said.

“Not the best girlfriend?”

“Heh, you know I love you, girl! But, it’s your friendship I couldn’t live without.”

“We’re so lucky!”

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