8.88 Just Keep Smiling

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"You don't have to do this...
Leliana:  “You don’t have to do this…
"...we could stay and see what happens."
“…we could stay and see what happens.”
"No. We can't risk it. We're going through with it. Man...I'm gonna break mama's heart."
Devan:  “No. We can’t risk it. We’re going through with it. (sigh)…I’m gonna break mama’s heart.”
"Can't believe my boy is married!"
“Can’t believe my boy is a married man! Let’s wrap this party up so he can go have some cupcakes, heh heh!”
"What are they up there whispering about? And why do they look sad?"
CiCi:  “What are they up there whispering about? And why do they look sad?”

“Ok! Quit yapping and let’s cut the cake,” Alayna shouted.

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Devan and Leliana joined everyone on the dance floor and tried to look happy. They were overjoyed about being husband and wife. But, knowing what they were going to do in a few days was wearing on their minds a bit heavier than the happiness the nuptials brought. They had to keep telling themselves to keep smiling.



Hi…sorry for the interruption! This chapter was written months ago–long before the preceding 16 chapters. So, while it made sense to insert it in the story at this point, some of the imagery breaks continuity. Sorry about that! I fixed the words to go well with the next few chapters, but couldn’t do anything about the pictures. If you didn’t notice…excellent! 🙂


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