8.90 Goodbye, Mama

Alayna learned her lesson about privacy when she walked in on Devan and Leliana’s make out session that one time; and she hasn’t been in the basement since–not even after they left for the honeymoon two weeks ago. However, in anticipation of their return, she thought she’d go down there and freshen things up a bit so everything would be in tip top shape for them. She went to dust the dresser and found this note instead.


I love you. You are one crazy lady, but you are the best mother anyone could ever have. I love how you watch over us and try to protect us even into our adulthood. It makes us feel loved and cared for. But, you know what? You don’t need to be so worried about us. Any of us can look at you and dad and learn how to be a good man and a good woman. You guys are excellent examples of what real love is, and it’s very easy to copy.

I told myself I would never tell you this, but, now, because of the situation we’re in, I want to make you laugh one last time–or maybe make you mad 🙂 You always thought I was talking to a bunch of girls on the computer all day and night, but there was only ever one…and she’s my wife now. I led you to believe I was because I knew it would drive you nuts, and you’re really funny when you’re going nuts 🙂 Sorry?

Ok, so you’re probably wondering why I said “one last time.” I’m not even supposed to be writing this note, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave and not say goodbye to you. By the time you read this, our honeymoon will be over, and we are probably on our way to our new home. I can’t tell you where because I don’t want to put you and the family in any danger. I can’t tell you why we had to leave for the same reason. All I’ll say is that, if we are found, someone might take Leliana from me. I will not let anything happen to her! I love you and dad, and Anthony and those fast little sisters a lot, but Leliana is my family now, and I have to take care of her. I am going to protect her for as long as I can. I know you’re going to be upset, but please don’t be mad.

I hope that we will be able to see each other again in the future, but at the present time, it is best that we all keep our distance for all of our sakes. I’ve closed my email account so you won’t be tempted to contact me–and I won’t be tempted to respond! I want you to know that this isn’t easy for me at all. I have tears in my eyes as I write this! It was on both of our minds at the wedding, and we were depressed when we should have been happy. However, I know it’s easier for me because I was always going to lose you one day. But, a mother should never experience losing a son. I know this will be extremely painful for you, and I wish I didn’t have to put you through this, but I want you to be comforted by knowing that I am exactly who you raised me to be and am doing the things you raised me to do. I’m a good man, and I am responsible, trustworthy, and I honor my commitments. Although Leliana and I just got married, we’ve been committed to each other for a long time, and I take my commitments seriously–just how you taught me to. You should be proud!

Tell dad that I love him, and he was the best dad. When I become a father, I want to be just like him. Oh, and tell him this:  “Thanks for telling me about cupcakes. You were right. I love them, and I want them all the time!” He’ll know what I mean. 

Tell Anthony that it’s his job to take care of you now, but he’ll never be as good a son as me 🙂

Tell CiCi that she needs to put on some clothes! Tell her that she is beautiful on the inside and out, and the right man will see that and will pursue her. The ones that like her in the booty shorts aren’t the ones who will introduce her to their mothers, and they will break her fragile little heart.

Tell Sydney to stop trying to be like CiCi and be herself…and chill out!

Tell Julian he needs to wake up and marry that girl already! And if he’s not interested, give Anthony her number 🙂

Tell Callie…man, Callie is such an amazing young lady! She is beautiful, very smart, and doesn’t take any mess…literally! I love how she’s always dressed (modestly) for success. Please ask her to spend time with CiCi and Syd and talk some sense into them.

Tell little Sasha, well, she isn’t little anymore. Tell her to be good and stay sweet and don’t get grown on me.

Hug my newest little cuzzo Em, and when he’s old enough, make sure you tell him all about me so he knows his most awesome cousin.

Tell Uncle Brady and Aunt Viv and Uncle Owen and Ryan, Kiara, Parker, and Holly that I love them all, and I miss them already.

And, to my other cuzzos Brycen, JoJo, Jalisa, and Christina, I love them too, and I hope that we can all be together sometime in the future.

Don’t let the girls stress you out, mama. Teach them how to be women of strength and principle just like you. I’m going to miss you every day. Each day will get easier, and I will think of my past less and less as I look forward to my future with Leliana and whatever that brings. But I will never forget where I came from! I love you, mama…more than you know! 

Love, with all my heart and soul,

your incredibly handsome, amazing, charming son, Devan

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07-11-15_9_09 PM

"Mom? What's the matter? Devan will be home soon!"
“Mom? What’s the matter? Devan will be home soon!”



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