8.91 Black Ops Network

Throughout the week, young Emerson J. Pruett had a number of visitors. Everyone wanted to behold the little prince. To add to his list of visitors, Jeannette came by to meet him. Viviana very well could have facilitated their acquaintance, but she and everyone else in the house were also on Jeannette’s black ops team. She told Jeannette she could find Julian in the gym. They both smiled in silent agreement and well wishes on her mission.

Julian had just completed a training session with Brady, and the two of them were just hanging out when Jeannette arrived.

“Hey guys,” she said as she came down the stairs.

“Jeannette,” Brady said. “How lovely to see you!”

“Congratulations on the baby!”

“Oh, thank you my dear. Thank you. Children are such a blessing.”

“Yeah. I hope I get to experience that one day,” she said.

“Oh…you will,” he said and winked at her. “Julian…why don’t you take her to meet Em?”

“You’re going to love him,” Julian said.

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That boy needs to wake up and smell the cupcakes, Brady thought as they left.

When they walked in the nursery, Jeannette took a look around. As many times as she visited the house, this was her first time in that room. She didn’t expect anything less, but she was very impressed by the room. She had never seen a room more precious and serene than this.

Ohhhhhh YES, she thought. This room is perfect! I can totally see me and Juliette, Janessa, and Jonathan in here!

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“Pretty sweet, huh,” Julian said.

“Gee, you Pruetts, man. You all really know how to do it!”

“Emmmmersooooon, you have another visitor,” Julian cooed.

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“Say hi, Em! Say hi. This is my bestest friend, Em! Her name is Jeannette. Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Hi, Emerson! You’re so cuuuute,” Jeannette beamed.

“Do you want to hold him?”

“Nah. Maybe when he’s a little older. Newborns make me nervous.”

“Really? How come?”

“They’re so small and light…and fragile! I just get really nervous with them.”

“You should practice so you can be a pro by the time Janessa comes along.”

Hmmm…I feel another black ops mission coming on, she thought.

“You know, Julian…in our little hypothetical family…I think Juliette should come first.”

“Yeah? Why?”

“Well, you know…the first child is so exciting and special. She’ll be a little piece of you, a little piece of me…it’s the perfect name for our first daughter,” she said sweetly.

“Wow…that’s really sweet, Jeannette. You’ve been putting a lot of thought into this hypothetical situation lately,” he said with suspicion.

“You know me…always thinking!”

“Yeah…it makes me nervous,” he said as he put Emerson back in the bassinet. “Isn’t that right, Em? You like big bro’s friend? Yes? She’s up to something. Yes she is.”

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