8.94 Pruetts Take a Sick Day

It was a busy day at the hospital, and Viviana definitely earned every simolean she was due. After what felt like a mere three minute break, her intern came into her office.

“The Pruetts got the plague,” the intern asked facetiously.


The smile suddenly melted from the intern’s face when she realized Viviana had not seen them.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I thought you saw them already.”

“Them who??”

“Your family! Half the patients being seen today are Pruetts.”

“What the,” Viviana said as she dashed out of the office.

First she poked her head in the lobby to see if anyone from her immediate family was there. She was relieved not to find them there and hoped not to see any of them behind the patient room doors. First, she went to room three. Cienna was there.

07-07-15_10_49 PM

“CiCi! What’s happenin’ girl! Starting a new fashion trend?”

“Ah hee hee hee, hi, Aunt Viv! I can’t stop laughing! Hee hee hee ah hee hee hee!”

“Good old gas and giggles I see! Ok, I’ll get a nurse to come get your vitals and make sure everything else is ok while I go see who else is here, then I’ll come back and give you some medicine. Ok?”

“We’re all here, ha ha ha haaaaaa!”


“Me and Syd and Anthony, hee hee.”

“Anthony again? I don’t like that. I don’t like that one bit,” Viviana said as she went to room four where Sydney was.

07-07-15_10_53 PM

“Hello there, young lady!”

“Aunt Viviana!!”

“Yes, it’s me! What in the world is going on in your house?”

“I don’t know, but pleeeeeease tell me you have something for CiCi! She’s been passing gas all morning,” she whispered.

07-07-15_10_54 PM

“Oh yeah,” Viviana whispered back. “We got this. Now, what’s going on with you?”

“Well, for one thing, my head is killing me!”

“Ok. Any dizziness or seeing foreign objects?”

“Ummmm…I was just a tad bit woozy this morning, but I wouldn’t call it dizzy.”

“Hmmm…ok. That sounds like one of two things, but we’ll get you straightened, ok? I’m gonna have a nurse some run some tests, and then we’ll see where we’re up to. Ok?”

“Thanks, auntie.”

She left Sydney and went to room two where she figured she would find Anthony.

“So, are you going for a record here?”

“Hey, Aunt Viv,” he laughed.

“What’s going on today?”

“My head! There’s so much pressure. And every now and then, it feel like some of it releases from my ears.”

07-07-15_11_03 PM

“That’s an easy one. I don’t need tests for that. Guess what you need,” she said with a grin.

“Oh no…another shot?”


He reluctantly scooted back to lie down while Viviana filled the needle.

“Ok, CiCi should be out in a minute, but Sydney will take a little longer.”

“Is she ok?”

“Oh yes, of course, but we’re running all the tests on her. Not quite sure which diagnosis I want to give her, but…don’t worry! We’ll have her fixed up shortly.”

“You’re the best doctor, Aunt Viv.”

07-07-15_11_06 PM

“You’re too kind! Take care, Anthony. OH! How is your mother holding up? Brady told me about the note.”

“Oh…yeah. Mom is…well, you know how she felt about him, so…she’s doing as well as you would expect.”

“Which isn’t well at all.”

“Exactly. My dad is ok. You know…dad’s are always expecting us to leave home at some point so, he didn’t take it as hard.”

“What about you? How are you?”

“I’m ok. I miss my brother, but I just have so many questions! What kind of trouble could she have been in that they needed to flee without a trace? She’s not a criminal. I just wish I understood more.”

“Yeah. Don’t we all….Well, take care of your mother and your sisters. I’ll see you soon.”

She left him and went back to Cienna’s room.

“Are you still laughing in here?”

“Ah hee hee hee, yeah! But my stripes are gone! **giggle snort**”

07-07-15_10_56 PM

Viviana chuckled and said, “I kinda like you like this! Are you sure you want to be cured?”

“Ha ha ha! Yes, please!”

“Ok, drink this.”

58 PM copy

"Ewww! It's pink...and thick!"
“Ewww! It’s pink…and thick!”
"Come on, CiCi. Drink it, or you'll never get better."
“Come on, CiCi. Drink it, or you’ll never get better.”

She held her nose and drank the thick, pink liquid.


“Yes,” she said unenthusiastically. “That was, like, so embarrassing, Aunt Viv. I never want to have that again!”

“I understand. Wash your hands often, and drink lots of green tea. Your brother is waiting for you in the lobby, and Sydney will be on her way in a bit, ok?”

“Ok. Bye!”

Finally, she made it back to Sydney’s room and looked at the chart to see what the nurse had some up with.

07-07-15_11_00 PM

“Hmmmm…she didn’t get a specific diagnosis either….Hmmm…ok, so here’s what’s going on. Some of your symptoms indicate bloaty head while others indicate starry eyes. But, the thing is, the treatment for both of those don’t react well with the other illness. Does that make sense?”

07-07-15_11_00 PM-2


“So, if you have bloaty head, and I treat you for starry eyes and vice versa, you’ll feel worse but just temporarily.”

“How much worse,” she asked with fatigue in her voice.

“You’ll feel a little dizzy for just a few seconds, and then you’ll be really drowsy and fall asleep. When you wake up, you’ll feel fine!”

“Oh. Ok. I can handle that.”

“You’re a trooper! Ok, so because you said you didn’t see any foreign objects, and given that you’re still very young, I’m gonna treat you for bloaty head. I have to give you a shot for that.”


“It’s ok. Just relax…and don’t look.”


07-07-15_11_00 PM-3

“You’re not the only one in your family who doesn’t do well with needles. Ok, it’s over…how do you feel?”

“I feel…I feel…[groan]”

07-07-15_11_01 PM

And then she passed out.



“Oh dear.”

Before she could call for assistance, a nurse came to her rescue.

07-07-15_11_02 PM

“What do you need, doctor?”

“When Ms. Holmes wakes up, please give her the treatment for starry eyes. Her family is waiting for her. Thank you.”

She dashed away to the lobby.

“Everybody out of the way please!”

When she arrived at the collapsed body, terror shot through her soul.

07-07-15_11_11 PM


07-07-15_11_10 PM


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