9.15 A New Life for Callie

Although Viviana had grand plans for Callie’s wedding, Callie decided that she neither needed nor wanted the typical huge Pruett exhibition. When she was younger, she would have enjoyed all the fanfare. But, now that she was an adult, Callie just wanted to get it done. Each pre-wedding party and celebration only delayed the ceremony one more day, and she was in a race against time. Besides, she felt like everyone had their chance to meet and get to know him when she presented him to the family on her birthday. A rehearsal dinner was superfluous in her mind, and there was definitely no need for an engagement party as both their intents were made known already. Viviana’s heart was a wee bit broken again, but nothing could stifle her excitement of finally seeing her daughter get married. They did go dress shopping together, and they also picked out a nice arch. Callie decided she only wanted a simple backyard wedding with just the immediate family and her Holmes cousins.

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After the ceremony, everyone retreated inside for the cake cutting, food, and fellowship. Julian, Anthony, and Graham were huddled in the kitchen having guy talk while Callie sat down with Sasha for some much needed sister time.

“So,” Sasha said. “How did he do it?”

“Well…he was making breakfast when I woke up and–“

Sasha gasped. “Oooh! He spent the night?”

Callie snickered at her little sister’s curiosity. “No. Well, not that night.”

“How did he get in?” Sasha leaned forward as she was extremely interested in this story.

“I gave him a key! What’s with you?”

“I just don’t know this side of you, Callie! It’s so exciting.”

Callie wasn’t quite sure what to make of that comment, but it made her laugh. “Ok…anyway, so he was making breakfast when I came downstairs. I suppose he heard me because he met me in the hallway.”

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“He started talking really fast, and quite honestly, I didn’t know what he was saying. He told me he loved me a few times, and in my head I was like I know. But, there was something…something cute about it. I tried to smile, but I was just so confused.”

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“Then, he stopped talking and took a deep breath. He looked at me and smiled and said, ‘I’m sorry…I don’t know what I’m going on about either.’ We both laughed. Then he said, ‘Well…I guess I’ll just do this the old fashioned way then,’ and he dropped down on his knee!”

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“I didn’t think he would do it! I mean, I expected that we would get engaged soon, but we we’re not like other couples I don’t think. Everything is so organic and we just know. I figured one day we would discuss it and decide that we were going to get married.”

Sasha smiled and shook her head. “That sounds more like a business meeting than a proposal. You’re so cerebral, Callie!”

“Hey! Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is serious business! It shouldn’t be done frivolously. Feelings can change!”

“But the feelings are what you remember! So…you were upset then?”

Callie smiled. “No…not at all. I enjoyed being surprised…and emotional.”

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Sasha threw herself back on the couch. “AHHHHH! I would KILL to have seen you like that! Did you cry? Tell me you cried!”

“I will not,” Callie said mischievously. “But…I did jump into his arms.”

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“YEEEEEEES! Oh, Callie that was so excitiiiiiiiing! Graham sounds very romantic.”

“I suppose he is!” She never really saw it that way. She saw everything he did as just being part of who he was and part of the understanding they had about each other and their relationship. It’s not that she was against romance. She just viewed expressions of love differently than Sasha who was clearly a hopeless romantic.

“So,” Sasha continued. “Do you feel different now that you are Mrs. Callie Mumbach?”

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“No. Nothing has changed. And nothing should! Marriage isn’t a magic pill you take that makes you feel loved or in love or whatever people think marriage is supposed to make you feel like. You get married to someone because you already have a commitment to him. Marriage doesn’t make you committed. Marriage is like making an official statement to the Watcher and everyone of that commitment. Sure, a few things may be different like last names and living arrangements, but everything is the same.”

“Oh, Callie…I miss you and your deep thoughts!”

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          • Oh my goodness. I am so…”bi-polar” about it lol. One minute I’m like “YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I’M ALMOST DOOOONE!” The next minute I’m like “NOOOOOOO!!! I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THE PRUETTS!!!” lol

          • Is that a thing? Wow! I probably will play it in the background and post pictures every now and then. I’m trying to think of how I can kinda continue this family in another story with the gen 10 heir. I’ll do it, but not sure what challenge I want him to do.

          • Whoooooa. That’s a bit much lol. I like playing with them though, so it will be nice to not have to worry about taking pictures and what not. Sometimes when I’m tired of writing, I just want to play…and sometimes I do. Then you end up with chapters like, “…and then a few months later, THIS happened!” LOL

          • lol yeah, I’m about to have a moment like that in Kenna’s world, cause I know what I want to do next…just don’t wanna set it up! It’s gonna be so annoying….I think I will do my song short, then start on that headache! 😛

          • I have the opposite problem. I love setting up new subplots, and I’ll make it all twisty and takeover the whole generation. And then, when it’s over and I have to go back to the main story, I’m like grrrrr! I don’t wanna do thiiiiiis!

          • lol, I do stuff like that too! But then there is stuff like what I am planning which needs some finesse and stuff that I am too lazy to do at the present moment!

          • lol I have so many little projects, I have no time for breaks! SimLit, novel writing, Nano coming up, archery, gaming youtube (trying to set it up), and college, and work…sighhhhhhhh

          • I knooooow! Me too! I know I should take a break, but I don’t want to because I’m having so much fun! But, I probably should just because. I hear it’s healthy…not too sure about that though :-p
            I have said in the past I’d like to get into archery. Not sure how serious I am about that, but in my mind I think it would be really awesome.

          • lol archery is fun, I compete so it can get tedious, but you should definitely try it out at least once! Pfffft, keeping busy with things you love to do is healthy!

          • HA! Nice. I went back to school five years ago while I was still working full time. I took 9 hours per semester, and my final semester I had to take 12! I was BEYOND burned out. When I graduated in 2013, I sat at home and watched TV for six months LOL. I don’t even really like TV, but that’s what I did.

          • Oh goodness gracious wow!!!! I have a part-time job, and my folks help me out with school. I also have a scholarship, so I am very glad about that! lol if I were you, an NCIS marathon would be in order!

          • he he, I binged on a lot of things during that time seeing as how half of it was in the summer. Yeah, it was a rough time…not to mention I’m in debt up to my ears now. But, I got what I wanted from the experience, and I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to do at my job now. If I wanted, I could get a different job now too.

          • Cool! What job do you have? Yeah debt mom and I agree no go, so I do the best I can to get scholarships and she’ll help out. (I’m an only child and my mother is the most amazing woman) (also I’m not a brat…mostly!)

          • Ha! You sound like a good child :-p I made average grades in high school, so I didn’t get any scholarships. I had some gov. grants for a little while, but they didn’t last the entire time. My parents didn’t make much money, so definitely couldn’t get any help from them. So…student loans! Oh well. It’s pretty common, so I’m not worried about it. Anyway, I’m an instructional designer now. I’ve actually had this job for three years, but my title keeps changing and the role keeps evolving. But, I think instructional designer is the most accurate description. It’s exactly what it sounds like: designing instruction lol. I created training resources for the support team (where I was before). So, whether it’s a two minute how to video, an eLearning course, or curriculum for in person training, I design it all! I used to deliver it too–which was fun–but the demand for what I do has grown outside of our team, so I was given the choice to either continuing training, or stay behind the scenes and create stuff. My introverted self chose the latter 🙂 The timing for that was perfect because I took a bunch of video classes in school, and I made that decision a few months after I graduated. Yay!

          • I love video! Film and media arts so I can go into video game design (or producer, idk what yet!) and business cause mom insisted, but hey, I like that too so! I think that is amazing! Lol I just realized I know quite a few people in film and multimedia online but in real life zip! Lol online people get me!

          • You mean the little thumbnails scrolling across the bottom? It’s a plugin I downloaded. Because I host my own site, I can download different ones to customize it more how I want it.

          • Oh! In the reader? So, two things. First, in the settings under Reading there’s an option somewhere that gives you the option to show either full post or a summary. I chose summary. Second, on every post, I write a little summary/teaser for the chapter in the Excerpt section. That’s actually what you see on that page.

          • Really? Hmmm…there are quite a few things missing…oh! I know what it is. I keep forgetting about the new look. Click on WP Admin, and then go to those settings.

  • I love Callie’s red dress. I don’t think the typical white dress would be her style. I did notice Janette wearing her wedding dress at Callie’s wedding. LOL.

    • Yes, I was mad at Jeannette lol. It’s funny you say that about Callie because at first she wouldn’t change into dress and I thought something happened and she would get married in her regular clothes. So I made her a nice outfit that was neither white nor traditional. Glad you agree that’s her too! Then if course she finally got dressed lol.

  • SASHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! <3 Ooooh. The conversation that these two just had was so sweet. I love Sasha, and Callie is so funny to me. Ha! Maybe because I sometimes think of things like she does, yet other times I think sooooo differently.

  • I just checked your family tree and I was wondering, do you often play with the other households? Not just with the siblings but also with Joy’s offspring. Because my generation 6 heir is just born and I like my legacy family so much that I don’t really feel likebplaying with my other households.

    And also: I really love Callie!

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