9.17 Birthday Roll-Up

It’s that time again: another round of Pruett birthdays! Who is it this time? None other than the little princess darlings themselves. Before we get down to the festivities, let’s check the guest list.

10-14-15_10_20_14 PM

It was a pleasure to see Holly in the place! She was more of a mama’s girl, and her mother never got over her fear of rejection and therefore never attended any of the family functions. Naturally, Holly would stay home with her. Now that her parents are dead, she figured she needed to get to know the larger family that she is part of. Welcome, Holly! They always accepted you and your mother. Well…for the most part, he he.

10-14-15_10_21_00 PM

Graham isn’t used to being in such a large family yet and tried to find some place quiet to hang out. He tried the writer’s nook, but found CiCi in there instead checking her SimBook feed. Apparently Neelesh has been posting pictures of him and his new girlfriend. She didn’t appreciate that.

10-14-15_10_21_27 PM

(sigh) This guy. He has aging problems…for real! I have no idea why he is an elder right now! As a matter of fact, technically he was supposed to be dead long time ago because I found him as an adult long before Julian’s wedding. I gave him Youth Potion to help. Ever since they got back from Granite Falls that one time and he and Devan aged up on the same day he’s been aging rapidly! There is no way he is just a few days younger than Viv. Devan, who is still roaming around in disguise isn’t even an elder yet. He’s close though.

10-14-15_10_21_51 PM

Sydney was looking glamorous and a lot like her mother. She was also on her best behavior!

10-14-15_10_22_24 PM

Callie was happy to be in the place, but she’s a new mom and hasn’t been sleeping much lately. You’ll meet her child soon!

10-14-15_10_24_22 PM

Good to see Deon Pruett around! He had his YA birthday not too long ago. Keep that Pruett nose going, kid!

10-14-15_10_25_06 PM

And, of course, granny Ciera had to be in the place to see her little angels into their teenage years. I wonder what colorful story Juliette was telling her.

10-14-15_10_26_38 PM

Last, but certainly not least, Uncle Allen was holding it down and was very impressed by Janessa’s dance moves. She’s a Pruett, dude. Pruetts are dancers!

10-14-15_10_35_34 PM

Juliette didn’t appreciate getting sick right before aging up. She suspected it was Holly and was afraid that she would turn blue too. Now now, Juliette…that isn’t nice!

10-14-15_10_35_47 PM

However, it was her birthday after all, and she quickly forgot about her strange illness and was very excited about becoming a teenager.

10-14-15_10_35_53 PM

Blow, Juliette! Make it count! (everyone…cross your fingers for a more desirable trait and worth while aspiration!)

10-14-15_10_36_09 PM

What…are you shocked at what you’ve become, Juliette? I’m not! You’re definitely a Pruett with your family aspiration (forget which one). She’s a foodie now. So exciting…yeah, not so much. I think it’s cute that she came out with her mother’s original hairstyle. Here is how she styled herself.

10-14-15_10_55_26 PM

10-14-15_10_38_17 PM

Next up was our sweet little Janessa, Juliette’s voice of reason…and everyone knows it. She definitely got more people singing for her.

10-14-15_10_39_07 PM

Yes…think really hard about what to wish for…and wish to stay sweet!

10-14-15_10_39_42 PM

Blow, my child, blow!

10-14-15_10_39_55 PM

Oooh, does aging up hurt? Ehhh, sorry?

10-14-15_10_40_11 PM

Callie? 🙂 And, guess what? She’s cheerful! How appropriate. She wants to be a serial romantic though. Well, at least one of them have given me a challenge. Here is her new style.

10-14-15_11_21_45 PM

She swears she didn’t know that Juliette also chose this dress and was not deliberately trying to keep the twin thing going. With all the outfits they have, we’ll see how often they’re wearing the same one.


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