9.20 I’ll Take Naivety for 400, Alex

“Good morning, grandma,” Janessa said gingerly.

“Good morning, precious.”

“Are you all right?”

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“Of course. I just like to have quiet moments before I go to work. You know…the crazy life of a doctor.” Viviana took a moment to gaze upon her granddaughter. She was the spitting image of her father which made her look like she could be Callie’s daughter too. “You’re so pretty, Janessa! I bet a lot of boys talk to you.”

Janessa blushed. “Yeah…”

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“How precious!”

“What’s precious,” Julian asked as he entered the room.

“Your daughter! She seems to be popular with the boys.”

“Oh…is she?” Oh boy…is it that time already?

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He grabbed a plate of eggs and toast that Juliette made and sat down to join the conversation.

“Mom,” Emerson yelled. “She’s barely a teen and she gets to talk to boys! How come I can’t live with Alex?”

“Emerson! It’s not the same thing! I’m not changing my mind about this.”

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“But WHY, mom?”

“I don’t think you’re mature enough to handle it!”

Janessa noticed that Sasha had been very quiet. “Aunt Sasha…are you ok?”

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“Yeah.” She sighed.

“Are you thinking about your friend?”

Sasha smiled and nodded.

“Aww! Don’t be sad, Aunt Sasha. He’ll be here soon.”

“I know. Thanks. It’s hard sometimes, that’s all.”

“I get that. I think I would be sad if I only had one person to share my love with,” Janessa announced. “I think love should be shared with as many people as possible! Love makes everyone happy, and I like for everyone to be happy.”

Julian felt strange. He was oddly proud at how his daughter arrived at such a conclusion, but he definitely did not like the idea of her “spreading love” with everyone.

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Sasha excused herself and went to be alone, but Emerson followed her.

“Are you really ok? You look a little down.”

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“I’m ok,” Sasha said. “I just have a lot on my mind…and it sounds like you do too? What’s going on?”

“I want to live with Alex after my birthday, but mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea. It’s no big deal! But she says that she doesn’t think I’m ready and I’m not mature enough. Come on! We’re just gonna be roommates!”

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“Oh, little brother…come here. I have to tell you a secret.” Emerson leaned in to hear it. “You’re not gonna be just roommates,” she whispered.

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“Yes we are! Why does everyone keep saying that?!”

Sasha wanted to laugh at her brother’s naivety, but she could tell he was really clueless. “You like her, right?”


“And she likes you?”


“Ok…so, let’s say you move in together. You’ll be seeing each other all the time. Those amorous feelings are going to grow and grow and grow until one day you’re not ‘just’ roommates anymore.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way!”

“I know, but it will. She’ll make it happen.”


“Oh…I dunno…she’ll start wearing really sexy pajamas…maybe she’ll leave the door open when she showers one day claiming she thought you weren’t home. Or, she’ll get sick and she’ll be so dramatic and make you wait on her hand and foot…she’ll ask you to lay next to her and stroke her hair and sing Soft Kitty.”

“You watch waaaaaay too much TV, Sasha. Besides, what if what you say happens? What’s wrong with having a roommate with benefits?”

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She patted him on the shoulder sympathetically. “Nothing, Em. Mom just wants more for you…that’s all. I do too.”

“Whatever. Enough about me. What about you?”

“My feelings for Dexter have changed, and I’m finding myself being anxious about it.”

“He’s coming soon, right?”

“Yes, but…I’m not sure if he feels the same way. This long distance thing is just hard.”

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“Well,” Emerson said, “At least you’ll get a chance to talk to him about it face to face.”

“Maybe. We’ll see.”

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