9.21 Dexter in Pruettville

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(sigh) This place is so beautiful. Very different from Oasis Springs. The dessert is beautiful too, but this place…so much life around! Trees…flowers…birds chirping…ducks on the pond…it’s brimming with life! The sights and sounds…I could stay out here all day. I’m so glad I decided to see the world before I settle into legacy life.

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 I wonder where Sasha lives. It would be so amazing if I just happened to run into her out here. 

10-23-15_9_39_48 PM

Music! Where is that beautiful music coming from? I bet that’s what Sasha’s music sounds like. So sweet and angelic. Her family is so lucky to be able to hear her play night and day. I hope she’ll play a tune or two for me before I go back home. I don’t want to wander onto some stranger’s property, but I just have to find where that music is coming from! Gotta get closer…

10-23-15_9_40_16 PM

WOW! Look at that place! It’s magnificent! I think that’s the biggest house I’ve seen around here…wait…they have a rocket? It can’t be. Is that…no way!

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