9.22 It’s You

Seeing the rocket in the back yard tipped Dexter off that he may have stumbled upon the Pruett Estate. He inched toward it as he also suspected that it was Sasha’s music that drew him to the property. But, suddenly, the music stopped. He tip toed around the wall surrounding the family plot and peeked around it. He saw her. She was standing in front of a grave with her violin by her side. He didn’t want to interrupt the intimate scene, but he was so shocked and excited about stumbling upon her he couldn’t hide any longer. He jumped out from behind the wall and yelled, “Holy cow plants! Sasha!”

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Naturally, he startled her. “DEXTER?! WHA…WHAT ARE YOU–YOU SCARED ME!!”

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“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you! I–I just–it’s you! You live here! I can’t believe it!” He threw his arms around his best friend and squeezed her. She enjoyed the embrace but was shocked and hardly believed what was happening. She had to take a seat to process how he appeared seemingly from thin air. Still, she couldn’t stop smiling.

“Oh my goodness! Dexter! I can’t believe you’re here…and, you’re early! Why didn’t you call?”

He was excited too and spoke with his arms waving in the air. “I was still exploring! I was gonna call you later, but I went for a walk, and everything was so beautiful and I heard music and followed it and it lead me to you! How awesome is that?”

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“Extremely awesome,” Sasha said still in disbelief.

He joined her on the bench. “I’m sorry I interrupted your moment with your dad,” he said in a quieter voice.

“It’s ok. He visited the morning after my mom and Julian’s birthday and told me it would make him happy to hear me play. So, I come out here every day and play for him.”

“Oh wow,” Dexter said. “That’s so special! You and him were so close…I’m still sorry for your loss.”

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“Thank you, Dexter. I still miss him a lot, but it’s comforting to know that he’s still around in a way even if I can’t see him all the time.”

“You’re such a strong person. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling on the inside, but you appear to be handling this so well! I’m not sure I would be the same if I lost my dad right now. I mean, I know one day I will, but hopefully I’ll be a lot older, have led a life that I am proud of and fulfilled by, and have a few accomplishments under my belt. My dad announced that I’m going to be the next heir…so, hopefully I’ll also have a wife who can help me through it.”

“Oh, Dexter! That’s great! Congratulations! I have no doubt that you’ll have that person you’re supposed to be with at the exact time you need her.”

He smiled and was truly comforted by her words. “Thanks. I’m so inside of myself all the time, you know? When I think about having to meet people, it makes me uncomfortable sometimes, but I think you’re right. What is meant to be will be. I shouldn’t be uncomfortable around the right person.”

What is meant to be will be, Sasha thought. That comment resonated within her heart for she hoped that it was true. However, hearing him speak as if he had not already found someone made her a bit uneasy and she changed the subject to keep from feeling behaving awkwardly. “OH! Do you have plans tonight?”

“None. I was gonna go back to the rental house and call you to hang out, but I’m here now! What do you have in mind?”

“It’s Emerson’s birthday! You should stay for the party and meet everyone!”

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“He won’t mind? I don’t like being a party crasher.”

“Nah, he won’t mind. He’s very outgoing and loves meeting new people…he was looking forward to meeting you anyway!”

“Ok then! Wow…I’m gonna meet the Pruetts!”


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