9.23 Party Crasher

Sasha and Dexter got up from their seat and went inside. Emerson, Julian, and Jonathan were in the kitchen.

“Hey guys! This is Dexter, my best friend!”

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“Oh cool,” Emerson yelled. “It’s so good to meet you, man! My sister talks about you all the time.”

“It’s great to meet you too, Emerson,” Dexter said. “She talks about you all the time. I hope you don’t mind me crashing your party.”

“Of course not! The more the merrier!”

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Emerson continued, “It’s nice for Sasha to have her friends around.”

“Awww, little brother! I didn’t know you cared,” she joked.

“So,” Julian spoke up, “you’re the famous Dexter, huh?”

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Sasha wasn’t sure if that was an indictment or simply a statement of shock. Remembering how he reacted toward meeting Graham, she tried to make sure this conversation turned out favorably for Dexter although this situation was different. “I’ve mentioned that Dexter’s family is also a legacy family, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Julian remembered. “That’s so cool. I’ve never met anyone from another legacy.”

“His father recently announced that he’s the heir, Julian!”

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“No way,” Julian said. “Congratulations! Wait…so, you guys aren’t born into heirship?”

“No. The current heir selects the next heir based on merit,” Dexter said.

All of the Pruetts were amazed by this information.

“Seriously,” Julian said. “Wow. Guys…can you imagine if all of us were eligible? Dexter, tell me…how competitive are you guys? I’m sure that has to be difficult!”

“Well…maybe it was for previous generations and perhaps in other families, but I haven’t really felt like I was in competition with my siblings. We never talk about it, but I’m quite sure my sister may have been a little peeved. She hasn’t said anything, but I know her.”

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Sasha was surprised. “Really? Why would Lou be mad?”

“My guess would be she assumed that it would be her because she’s woman. Our founder was a woman, and up until my dad’s generation, the Waites have been led by heiresses. She probably assumes that we are a matriarchy, but we’re not. Coincidentally, all of the firstborns have been girls and just happened to be chosen as heiress. My dad’s older sisters were adopted, so he was actually the first born.

“That’s so crazy,” Julian said. “I had no idea there were different types of legacies. And have a female heir? That’s just mind blowing to me!”

Dexter smiled. “It was interesting for me to hear about the Pruett legacy too. It so strict compared to ours. But…if you had female heirs, I think Sasha would make a great one!”

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Julian smiled too. “Yeah…I think both my sisters would make excellent heirs. Oh gosh! We need to get dressed! It’s almost that time.” He finished his mac ‘n cheese quickly and dashed away to put on his party clothes. As everyone was getting ready, the guests began to arrive.

CiCi arrived in a sad mood. Apparently she and Neelesh spoke, and he only went out with her to see if he could somehow get closer to Sasha. I don’t understand that logic, but realizing that they would never be together made her very sad.

10-23-15_11_16_58 PM

Allen Devine arrived in a solemn mood as well. He had been dealing with the death of his mother.

10-23-15_11_17_50 PM

For once in her life, Sydney was justified in her anger. She was tired of seeing CiCi’s yo yo love life and dealing with her spectrum of emotions. She especially did not appreciate Neelesh stringing her along like he did. And now, she was mad that her sister was so sad.

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Jilted love seemed to be a theme of the night. Kiara arrived at the party upset as well. She and Darren had been talking for a few months and thought things were going places. However, she recently discovered that he was also talking to Ciera Devine. She was sorry that the woman died seeing as how she was sort of in the family, but she felt foolish and didn’t understand how a man her age would still be playing around like a teenager. Darren just happens to be the mixologist for the night, so I hope they can be civil!

10-23-15_11_19_32 PM

This kid! He is the embodiment of confidence!

10-23-15_11_19_50 PM

…and just because I can’t get enough of his cuteness, here he is again.

10-23-15_11_25_23 PM

Viviana finally arrived home just after 7:00 and rushed to the kitchen to bake a cake for her baby. Julian had offered to do it and get everything ready for her, but she insisted. This was a defining moment in her life, she felt. Not only was this a send off for her last child into adulthood, but also it could potentially be the last birthday party she ever threw or even attended. She wanted to make everything count and show her youngest son just how much she loved him in typical lavish Viv style.

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Meanwhile, the Pruetts were getting to know one of their new cousins, Derek Mumbach.

Once everyone arrived and mingled for a bit, everyone migrated to the patio for dinner and drinks.

After a while, Sasha lost track of Dexter and went looking for him. She found him in the kitchen eating alone with Graham.

10-23-15_11_34_57 PM

“There you are! Are you all right?”

“I’m great! I really love your family. I just needed a moment to get away and soak it all in,” Dexter said.

“Yeah…there’s a lot of us. I can’t imagine what it must be like to meet all of us at once…especially with you being a loner!”

“I’m doing well though. I don’t know what it is. I just feel comfortable here with all of you! I haven’t felt tense or like I needed to be alone since I got here!”

Sasha smiled. “I’m glad.”

10-23-15_11_35_47 PM

Sasha and Dexter began talking about his family and what they were all up to when everyone began drifting inside. It was time for Emerson to become a man! Janessa sat across from Sasha and was eaves dropping on their conversation. She, Viviana, and Julian all noticed how happy Sasha was when he was around.

“Aunt Sasha…are you going to introduce me to your friend,” Janessa asked.

10-23-15_11_41_38 PM

Sasha rolled her eyes and shook her head at her niece knowing that she knew exactly who he was. “Oh, Janessa…this is Dexter. Dexter, this is Janessa, niece number two. Mom? Have you met Dexter yet?”

“Not officially, but I know who he is,” Viviana said. “It is very nice to meet you, young man.”

“It’s great to meet you too, Mrs. Pruett…all of you! I’ve been hearing about all of you for so long, I’m having the time of my life finally being in your presence!”

“It’s nice for us to put a face with your name as well,” Julian said.

“Mom! Can we do this now,” Emerson said.

“Sure, honey!”

Emerson stood before the cake and blew with all his might.

10-23-15_11_42_18 PM

Everyone sang their hearts out as he slowly spun around to soak it all in.

10-23-15_11_42_39 PM

And then, Emerson James Pruett 3.0 arrived.

He gained the Good trait, just like his sister Sasha and his mother. Everyone congratulated him, moved in to get a slice of cake, and started mingling again.

10-23-15_11_50_23 PM

Jeannette began to clean up while Julian caught up with his brother-in-law for a bit. “How are Callie and the baby?”

10-23-15_11_52_42 PM

“Callie is doing great, of course, and little Chasity is adorable. A little high maintenance, but as cute as can be.”

“I bet,” Julian said. “I can’t wait to get over there and meet her!”

Viviana was quietly happy to hear this news. Between her job and dealing with Emerson’s antics and her three grandchildren in the house, she hadn’t created time to spend with her newest two grands. That was something she definitely wanted to change before she left all the while hoping she would be alive for one more birth.

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