9.25 Kid Tested, Mom Approved

The next afternoon, Sasha was having lunch outside in the new outdoor living space. She had been keeping to herself all morning, and her mother noticed. When Viviana saw her sitting alone outside, she thought it was a good time to talk with her. She sat on the sofa silently for a few minutes and thought about how to approach her. Thoughts of her own life flashed through her mind. Those were the things she shared with her.

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“I remember how I felt before me and your dad were serious. I would get so mad at him. I couldn’t understand why he would say he enjoyed spending time with me but still go be with someone else. One day I just blew my top. I couldn’t stand it anymore and it all came flying out. Heh, I was so immature then. I regretted it as soon as I opened my mouth. I thought I would scare him away for good, but he just stood there with a confused look on his face. All he said was ‘I didn’t know.’ I felt so silly afterward. Of course he didn’t know! How could he if I never told him? Such a silly girl.” Viviana enjoyed that memory and laughed at her past self.

“But, mom, you guys were already…you know. Dexter is my friend. That’s how he sees me. What if I tell him but he can’t see me as anything else? What if it complicates things more than it helps? I just wish I knew how he felt!”

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“Sasha, honey…you’re gonna have to ask him. You should know from experience with your brother that men aren’t always quick to recognize these things. Now, if you want my opinion on the matter…I think there is something there! I’m not sure if he knows it, but there is something. You two light each other up. It’s so cute! I can tell that you mean a great deal to each other, and as a mother that is really comforting to see. He’s polite, kind, smart, and he seems to know where he is going in life. I like this Dexter!”

“You do? I’m glad, mom.”

“Who knows what will happen, but if he should ever become my son-in-law, I think I’d be proud of him. And knowing he’s from a legacy family, at least I’ll know you’ll be taken care of.”

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Sasha appreciated that talk. She was comforted to know that her mother approved of her friend and could see him as something else. She was even more comforted knowing that her mother saw a certain spark in him. She only hoped it was true, but she needed to find out. Hoping only continued the mental anguish she put herself though.

“I love you, mom. I’ll ask him.”

“Good. You’ll be glad you did.” Viviana patted Sasha’s hand before she got up and left her with her thoughts.

Emerson was waiting for her on the patio. He had some news for her. “Thanks for the money, mom. I found a nice house.”

“That’s great, son! I’m happy for you,” she said and embraced him.

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“So,” she continued, “when are you thinking about leaving?”

“I’ll stick around for a few days. Can’t miss Jonathan’s birthday!”

“That’s good to hear. Well…of course you know you can stay as long as you like. I’m not in a hurry to get rid of you,” she said in a joking manner.

“Oh! I feel so much better, mom,” he said sarcastically.

“Umm…the other matter…have you thought about it?”

“Still thinking.”

“Ok. I know you’ll do whatever you think is right.” She patted his shoulder and left him too with his thoughts.

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He wanted to make his mother happy, but he also wanted to live his own life. So, this is adult life, huh? Tough decision after tough decision…

That night was Jonathan’s birthday party. Julian and Jeannette decided to have a small party with just their immediate family. With so many family birthdays so close together, they didn’t want to wear the rest of the family out. Viviana was more than glad to bake her oldest grandson a cake. She was even more glad to be around for this party.

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Jonathan huffed and puffed and blew all the candles out before he spun around and began to glow.

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Julian was teeming with excitement as he watched his son, his youngest child, and the last heir of the Pruett legacy grow up. He was excited about his life and what the future held for him. He couldn’t wait to begin having man-to-man discussions with him.


10-24-15_1_04_49 AM

Jonathan 2.0! I’d say he’s a nice blend of both parents although he looks more like Julian with Jeannette’s eyes and face. Here is his makeover.

10-24-15_1_12_22 AM

Cute, huh? He gained the goofball trait, just like his mother and has the culinary aspiration.

After the party, all the kids went to bed and everyone else went their separate ways, Sasha thought about what her mother had said. She took out her phone and sent Dexter a message.



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    Okay, okay, but seriously though, THIS IS AMAZING. I also have the MOST perfect chapter planned for today. It’s going to be SO great! But I won’t get around to posting it until this evening.

    This chapter was so wonderful, and beautiful, and perfect. And WOW Jonathan is REALLY handsome. Seriously- he is a PERFECT blend of his parents. <3

  • Hey – here’s a weird request for some time you feel like sharing behind-the-scenes stuff (maybe your youtube channel or something). Your screenshots always look great – I know you spend time color-coordinating and stuff, but, like – are your rooms really huge? Seems like with my houses I’m always having to pan around to not have walls and stuff in the way and even if I manage that, it tends to feel cramped – with yours, it always feels like there’s a lot of space. I’d be super curious to see top-down views of some of the rooms compared to the screenshot (like the dining room here – that’s gotta be a huge room, right?).

  • Julian is so cute! And yay Sasha! Hopefully he’ll actually reply with something tangible rather than going on about life’s fleeting moments etc! They already have the distance working against them, so get to the point kids! 😀

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