9.26 First-Class Upgrade

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A little while after Jonathan’s party, everyone was on their way to bed, but Sasha found herself standing before her mother teary-eyed.

“Oh dear,” Viviana said. “What happened?”

Sasha didn’t know what to say. She opened her mouth to form words a few times, but nothing came out. Her emotions overwhelmed her so, all she could think to do was hand Viviana her phone and let her read what disrupted her evening for herself.







Viviana gasped and squealed halfway through Dexter’s first message. She was grinning from ear to ear and was glued to the screen as if she was reading some juicy gossip. When she was done reading, she still had firm grasp on the phone. Suddenly, she looked up at Sasha who was now smiling and said, “HAPPY TEARS! Those were happy tears!” Sasha took the phone from her. Viviana leaned back on her hip and took in a good look at her daughter. It was as if she was seeing her as a young adult for the first time. She felt like she grew up over night.

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“Mom…I…I have to go…”

“Of course you do, honey. Of course you do.”

Viviana pulled her daughter into a tight hug, and she held her as they both cried. She wished Brady could have been around for this moment. Having been a spare who became the heir, he would appreciate knowing that his once ineligible spare daughter was now going to be a legacy spouse. What an upgrade!

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