9.27 Fare Thee Well

News of Sasha’s pseudo engagement quickly spread across the family, and everyone was excited for her…at least until it occurred to them that she was going to have to leave. And not just leave the house, or even the neighborhood. She was leaving town. She spent the next couple of days answering phone calls and responding to texts from everyone who wanted to wish her well. All of the calls and texts had the same message. Everyone wanted to see her before she left. She was hoping not to make a huge exit, but it appeared as though she was going to have to throw a going away party after all. So, she scheduled a house party for the next Sunday. She invited her sister and children (Graham would be working), her Holmes cousins, Kiara, and Allen Devine. She was never close to Christina and Jo Jo. Everyone came and enjoyed some cake and punch while laughing and remembering good times.

“I’m gonna miss you, Aunt Sasha,” Jonathan said.

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“You too, Jonathan,” she said. She pulled him in for a tight, long hug. “At least I know that the future Pruetts will be Llama Man fans. I’ll see if I can influence the Waites to join us.”

Julian got excited at the mention of future Pruetts. “Yes! You’ll have to bring your entire family down for his wedding! It’s gonna be epic!”


“Look at you, Julian! You sound just like mom now,” Sasha said.

“Hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next generation,” Julian said. “By the time his young adult birthday comes around, I want him to be near engaged!”

“No pressure, right,” Sasha said.

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Sasha, Jonathan, Emerson, and Kiara joined Julian on the couch.

“This is so surreal for me,” Kiara said. “I remember when all of you were born, and now you’re all grown and on your own…Julian and Callie have their own families! You’re too young to remember, Julian, but my brother and I weren’t always part of the family. I mean, we were because Owen is our father, but he didn’t know about us until we were almost out of high school. It’s been a long time since then, and your parents and Aunt Alayna welcomed us with open arms. But, every day I still thank the Watcher for this family! It is such a blessing to know and be related to such kind, warm-hearted people. The people who raised us were neither kind nor warm. Sasha, I’m sure where you’re going the people there are kind and warm otherwise I don’t think you would go there. Still, I know that you will bring with you the Pruett kindness and infuse it into that family. Their legacy will be even stronger because of you!”

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Tears had begun to build up in Sasha’s eyes. She knew at some point that day she would cry. “Kiara…I don’t know what to say!”

“Don’t say anything,” Julian said. “Just let us shower you. I don’t know Dexter as well as I’d like to, but you know him and I’ve watched you communicate with him and heard about your friendship growing over the years. I’m glad you’ll be marrying your best friend. There is no better person to marry, in my opinion.”

Emerson had been smiling up until that point, but talk about marrying best friends made him sad, but he didn’t say anything.

“I’m glad you approve, Julian…not that I need your approval,” Sasha said.

“Whatever! You girls always want my approval.”

“Only in your dreams, bro. Only in your dreams,” she joked. “So, Mr. Generation 8 Legacy Heir…do you have any advice for a future legacy spouse?”

“Just be you, sis. You’re already supportive of him, you clearly respect the man…you’re family oriented, you already know what it means to be part of a legacy, and you love him. He’s getting a really good deal!”

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“Thanks, brother.”

“Emmy J…you’ve been quiet,” Julian said. “Do you have anything to say to your sister?”

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“Whoa…what’s going on, dude?”

“I’m not friends with Alex anymore.”

“Awww, Emerson! I’m sorry to hear that,” Sasha said.

“What happened,” Julian asked.

“Her birthday was the day before mine, and ever since then, she’s been saying mean, hurtful things to me…like, out of nowhere! I can’t be friends with someone like that…and I definitely don’t want her living in my house.”

“Mom will be glad to hear that,” Julian said, “but, I’m really sorry you lost your best friend. I experienced that for a few days, and it’s not fun. Can we do anything for you?”

“Nah. Just…thanks. For real.”

“We got your back, Uncle Emerson. If that trick comes around here, we’ll show her what’s up!”

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Everyone laughed, and Julian thought it was funny too. He just wasn’t used to his youngest child talking that way. “Son?”

“You guys are the best,” Emerson said.

“Julian, can you bring everyone in? I’d like to wrap this party up,” Sasha said.

Julian went and grabbed everyone from what they were doing and sent them to the living room for whatever Sasha wanted to do next. Every gathered around her and stood where they could in the den and waited for her to speak.

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All eyes were on her, and she was overcome with emotions. Callie was standing behind her and put her hand on her shoulder and squeezed it.

“You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Some people didn’t have the luxury of being born into a large, loving family like this, but we did. I always imagined I would get married and bring someone else into this family to make it even larger and loving. I never imagined that I would be leaving here to join someone else’s family to enlarge. I’m…nervous, I’m honored, and I will take all of you with me in my heart.”

Everyone was crying by then, and they all applauded her. She got up and hugged everyone, and the party was over. As everyone was leaving, she ran outside after Emerson.

“Em! Wait!

11-08-15_12_21_03 PM

“You’re not gonna leave me like this, are you?”

“Like what,” he asked.

“You don’t wanna talk or anything?”

“What’s there to say? You’re happy and leaving, and I’m sad and staying.”

Chasity Mumbach was walking by and wanted another hug. “Bye, Aunt Sasha…I’ll miss you,” she said.

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“I’ll miss you too, sweetness!” Sasha bent down and hugged her. “Please be nice to mommy, ok?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Chasity said and ran off.

When Chasity was out of earshot, Sasha said, “She’s Juliette Jr. Poor Callie. But, anyway, come here, little bro. It’s going to be ok!

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“I know it’s hard to lose your best friend, especially when you’ve been friends for a lifetime. And I know that you think you’ll never find another friend like her, but you’re wrong! You’ll find another friend, and you’ll hit it off so well, it’ll feel like you’ve known each other forever. And, it’ll happen so quickly, and she’ll be so wonderful, you’ll wonder where she’s been your whole life, and you won’t even remember who Alex is.”

“Thanks, Sasha. I hope you’re right.”

“I usually am,” she joked.

“I’m gonna miss you even more now that I’ll be living in my house alone.”

“You have a phone, Em. Call or text me whenever you want!”

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They embraced and shed a few more tears before Emerson went home. Viviana arrived home just as he disappeared around the corner.

“How was it,” Viviana asked.


“Of course it was. Come here, my baby.

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“It’s never easy to leave your family, but just think about how happy your new family is going to be when you get there. You’ll never forget us, but you’re going off on a brand new adventure! Don’t be sad about what you’re leaving behind. Embrace what lies ahead. When I married your dad, I thought I was never going to be happier. But then we had Julian, and my life changed again. Being a wife to your best friend is incredible. But, having children with that person? Wow! I can’t wait for you to experience that.”

Being family oriented, Sasha occasionally thought about having children, but it wasn’t a thought that consumed her. All she really wanted at the moment was to be with Dexter. She spoke with her mother for a little bit before she went inside to eat and wait out the evening. She had one more person she wanted to talk to before she left in the morning. After she ate and spoke with her nieces and nephew, she went out to the family plot and played. She figured if he didn’t appear, at the very least he could hear her music one last time.

11-08-15_2_47_44 PM

She only had to play for two hours before the plot began to fill with an eery mist. Out of that mist, she could see the form of the man she had been waiting to see.

11-08-15_2_50_16 PM

She finished her concerto, and he listened happily. Then, they sat down to talk.

“You look nice,” he said. “Was it your birthday party?”

“No. It was a going away party,” she said carefully.

Brady laughed. “Emerson threw himself a party to move around the corner? That crazy kid.”

“No. The party was for me. I’m leaving.”

11-08-15_2_52_43 PM

The smile Brady had quickly melted away. “Y-you’re leaving? But, where? Why?”

“I’m kinda engaged to Dexter…” She knew it was going to be too sudden for him and half expected him to be disappointed.”

“Your friend in your phone, Dexter?”

She laughed at his cluelessness. “Yes, my best friend Dexter. He’s the heir of his family’s legacy, so I have to go.”

“WOW! That’s incredible! You’re gonna be a legacy spouse?! That makes me so happy!”

11-08-15_2_54_47 PM

“I was hoping you’d be happy, daddy.”

“Of course I would be happy. I want all of you to be in happy marriages. Sure, I’ll never see you again, but at least I’ll know you’re in good hands. Are you feeling ok about it?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. To be totally honest…I’m not even really thinking about the marriage and legacy stuff yet. I’m just soooooo happy I can finally be with Dexter! This long distance thing was getting to be really hard. I mean, true, we weren’t dating long distance, but as my feelings toward him began to change, the distance got really old. So…YAY! I’m going to be with the love of my life!”

11-08-15_2_54_25 PM

Brady was happy that she was happy. That’s all that mattered to him. “I’m glad that you’re getting the life you wanted now,” he said. “Well, it’s pretty late already. You should get some sleep before your journey.”

They stood up and embraced each other. “I love you, daddy.”

11-08-15_2_57_54 PM

“I love you too, Sasha. I hope Dexter appreciates your music.”

“He does! He wants me to serenade him night and day.”

“Heh, good man!”

Hello, it’s me, Jes2G! It’s hard to let Sasha go, but a most wonderful life awaits her in the Waite Legacy! Be sure to follow Ren Plays The Sims to keep up with Sasha and her new family. Thank you Ren, and the Waite family, for welcoming Sasha into your lives with open arms. We love you, Sasha!

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