9.29 Cooking with Juliette

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People are so hasty when they stand behind the stove…especially mommy. I mean, who wants to eat barely toasted bread and soggy eggs? It’s like…getting a sloppy wet kiss from your mother. Bleh! In order to make excellent food, you have to have patience. Isn’t that right, granny?

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I’m totally gonna be a better cook than mommy is. Leathery pancakes…please. Any plumhead can make pancakes. Good cooking also about creativity and vision! There is more to a good food experience than just raking food into your mouth, chewing, and swallowing. What goes in the mouth needs to be epic! Don’t just brown the toast; put a lil something on it! A little cinnamon never hurt anyone.

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And don’t just toss the bread around. Wait for it to toast! Toast should be brown and not yellow! And it should be crunchy not mushy! There is nothing more disgusting in the entire world than wet, mushy bread!!

For the eggs, work quickly to alleviate sticking to the sides of the pan and overcooking mommy! The toast should be brown not the eggs!

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Sprinkle salt and pepper, and add something green. Thyme, oregano…even basil. What does that give you? The most epic eggs and toast you’ve ever had in your life!

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