9.41 Hanging with the Fellas

“Sup, meatball! This is my little cousin, Derek.”

“I’m not little!”

“Only little cousins complain about not being little,” Jonathan said.

“Hello, little cousin Derek. I’m Tony Corleonesi. I haven’t decided if you can call me meatball yet.”

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“Where’s the wolly mammoth,” Jonathan asked?

Tony’s phone buzzed. It was Warren. “HA! Big wolly mammoth has to stay home and do chores. Wuss.”

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“Chores? Pssh, we have people for that,” Jonathan said in a smug tone.

Usually Tony didn’t mind when Jonathan through his status around, but sometimes it was very annoying—especially given he was being raised by his single mother in a very small house with little money. “Not everyone has people, Pruett.”


“No harm done. More fun for us, I guess,” Tony said.

11-22-15_12_28_43 AM

“Oh, ummm, can we keep it short today? I want to catch up with someone later on,” Jonathan said.

am your friend. Who is this someone?”

“She’s 1,000 times better looking than you!”

“Ohhh, a girl? I suppose we can let you slide to hang with your future Misses. We wouldn’t want to hold up Mr. Legacy’s progress now would we, little Derek?”

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