9.42 Infinite Wisdom

“How was the wedding, dad?”

“Oh, Jonathan…it was beautiful! That venue was like wonderland. It was definitely different from a lot of our weddings, but it sure was marvelous. Aunt Sasha and Dexter are so happy and so right for each other. It was epic.”

“I wish we could have gone, but I know we probably would have taken up all the guest spots. Speaking of weddings…share with me all your infinite wisdom about girls, dad.”

“Infinite wisdom,” Julian snorted. “Your mother would laugh if she heard you say that.”

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“How come,” Jonathan asked.

“Well, let’s just say I didn’t always make good decisions when I was younger, and it took me a while to figure it all out. But, naturally that has given me plenty to teach you.”

“See, I knew you had something for me. I’m all ears.”

“Communicate! And trust your gut.”

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“How do you mean,” Jonathan asked.

“Well, I didn’t think that me and your mom could be anything other than friends, but at the same time, I always cared for her. Deep down, I think I knew she was the one for me, but I didn’t want things to change. So I tried to override those feelings…especially when she finally told me how she felt. I got into another relationship thinking I could replace those feelings with new feelings.”

“So, how did you finally figure it out?”

“Honestly? Your aunt, Callie. She always had a way to slap me upside the head with reality. And then, I had an accident. That definitely put things into perspective for me.”

“What happened to you?”

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“I crash landed the spaceship. Scared your mother half to death. I was banged up pretty bad, but I was ok.”

“So, you learned that your gut was right the whole time. What about communication?”

“Well…that has more to do with your mom and maybe she should tell you. But, she wasn’t very forthcoming with me at first. She never told me that she liked me. She just assumed that I would figure it out one day. So, like, she would drop hints and start conversations about our hypothetical future family hoping I would get the point, but I didn’t. When she finally did tell me, she had enough and kinda blew up at me.”

“If she would have been straight with you at the beginning, do you think you would have been ready?”

“Probably not. I think things would have been weird between us. Let me ask you…have you told this girl how you feel about her?”

“Not everything.”

“Oftentimes, they’re waiting on us to make the first move.”

“I don’t have a problem making the first move. I’m just concerned about it being too early. We’ve only known each other for like four days.”

“It’s like that sometimes, son. When you have two people who are right for each other, and you’re both open at the same time, it doesn’t take long. If you like her, and you feel like she would receive it, then tell her!”

“Thanks, dad. I will!”

“Look at you, kid! You’re a lot further along than I was at your age. If everything goes well, you’ll be standing in front of an arch in no time!”

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