9.5 The Princesses and the Unicorns

Julian and Jeannette had spent all afternoon cloud gazing and speculating on the whereabouts their fathers. Finally, when the evening had come, they wrapped it up to attend to more pressing matters.

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“I wonder if our dads met…or if they would even realize they’re kind of related,” Julian said.

Jeannette sighed. “I don’t know. wouldn’t know him if he was right in front of me.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Well…are you ready for this?”

“Yes! I want to see my big girls!”

“Ok then! Let’s go.” He got up from where they were laying and reached down for her hand. “Here…let me help you.”

She reluctantly grabbed his hand. “Thanks. I’m not that big, you know.”

They went inside to the nursery to witness the aging up of their firstborns.

(Juliette in brown, and Janessa in purple)

Janessa inherited her father’s love for fitness while Juliette got a trait that hasn’t been in this family for many years:  mean.

“Daddy? Do you want to hear a joke,” Janessa asked.

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“Of course I do!”

“Ok…why don’t they play cards in the jungle?”

All the adults in the room smiled at this. Julian wondered how they were so smart already. Viviana thought they were adorable. Jeannette was proud and thought that maybe the girls had a latent goofball trait after all.

“I don’t know, Janessa. Why don’t they play cards in the jungle?”

“Too many cheetahs!” They were both howling with laughter, but Juliette–who was watching from the sidelines–was not impressed and did not appreciate all the attention Janessa was getting.

“That was hilarious, Jan,” Julian said.

“That was cute and all, little sister,” Juliette interrupted. “but I have a funnier joke…step aside and let me show you how it’s done.”

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“What do you call a group of unorganized cats?” She waited barely three seconds for them to think about it. “A catastrophe!” Julian thought it was cute but honestly thought Janessa’s was funnier.

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Julian was caught completely off guard by this outburst. “I–I did! I laughed.”



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Jeannette saw her husband struggling and decided to step in while Viviana saw an opportunity to step out and let the little family have this teachable moment alone.

“Hey now,” Jeannette said sweetly. “There’s no need to be rude, ok? Who wants to hear a story?”

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“Me! Me,” the girls shouted. Juliette raced to the couch to sit next to Jeannette.

“Is it going to be about princesses, mommy,” Janessa asked.

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Jeannette looked Julian in the eyes and said, “Why, yes. Yes it is.” She picked up a random book to pretend to read from and sat down next to Juliette. Janessa got comfy on the floor, and so did Julian.

“Ahem…once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a beautiful castle. This castle was the largest castle in the entire region and all the townspeople loved to walk by and look at it…”

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“…in this castle lived the king and the queen and two little princesses…and, ummm, another princess or prince on the way. Anyway, the two little princesses were loved and adored by everyone who dwelled in the castle, and there were many fancy parties held in their honor. They got lots of nice fancy gifts…”

“Ooooooh,” the girls cooed.

“Both of the girls got their own magic unicorn and were beyond excited. The younger princess had taught her unicorn a trick and went to her father, the king, to show him. ‘Look, father! My unicorn can do a trick,’ she said. The king was very proud of the princess for teaching the unicorn to do a trick. The older princess saw this from afar and was very jealous of the other princess and decided to show her up…”

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“…The older princess taught her unicorn two tricks and presented her unicorn to her father as well. ‘Look, father, my unicorn does two tricks! Aren’t I fairer than my sister?”

“What’s gonna happen, mommy,” Juliette asked eagerly.

“Yeah! What’s gonna happen,” Janessa asked.

Julian sat there in awe of his wife and how she so skillfully and seamlessly handled this situation that was so foreign to him.

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I am so in love with this woman right now!

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