9.49 Peach Fuzz

“Mom…do you notice anything different about me?”

12-04-15_9_45_24 PM

12-04-15_9_44_43 PM


“You don’t see it?”

“I’m sorry…what am I supposed to be seeing?”

“My beard!”

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12-04-15_9_45_45 PM

“Oh! Yes…of course,” she lied. “So…why the sudden interest in facial hair?”

“I think I’d look cool. And, apart from our founder, we haven’t had any heirs with facial hair! People will be sure to remember me.”

“Future generations would remember you even without the beard. You’ll do great things, I’m sure.” She admired her son and marveled at how fast he was growing up. It seemed like just yesterday he was the little boy who used to enjoy being read to.

10-09-15_9_31_53 PM

Now, in just two days, she would be sending him off into adulthood. Where did the time go?

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