9.52 The After Party

After the first wave of party goers had left, the second wave got a second wind and started the party up all over again.

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Juliette walked past the guy in the sparkly suit, but he didn’t seem to appreciate it. “Hey, miss lady! You just gonna walk past me and not say anything?”

“Of course.”

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“Awww, don’t tell me you’re still mad!”

“What do you want, Arjun?”

“Oh, see! I knew you remembered me. Who could forget such a cute face?”

I can.”

“That’s cold, Juliette. That’s real cold.”

“At least you know I haven’t changed,” she said.

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“But see, I like that though! You speak your mind and don’t give a plum about it. That’s so attractive.”

“Since when? I don’t recall you being very nice to me.”

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“Since always, girl! You know how scruffy young bucks do! Things just came out all wrong.”

“Mmm hmmm. You know you have a lot of apologizing to do, right?”

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“I will apologize to you any way you want me to.”

“Uh huh. Good night, Arjun,” she said and walked away.

“The night is still young, Juliette! We were just getting friendly!” She kept walking. “You just gonna leave me hanging? That’s cold! That’s real cold, Juliette!”

She smile briefly before she addressed him. She stopped and spoke over her shoulder. “There’s a hot tub outside if it’s too cold for you in here.” She went upstairs and went to bed.

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