9.54 Special Announcement

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“Hello, my favorite ladies. I have a bit of an announcement to make.”

“Oooh, you and Skyla eloped,” Viviana guessed.

Jonathan laughed. “No, grandma. She’s still in school. I have decided that if I want to be a successful restauranteur, I need to learn the business. So, I’ve taken a job at a restaurant!”

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“That’s great, Jonathan,” Viviana said.

“I wanted to start as a dishwasher and work my way up, but they’re starting me at level four! I’m gonna be a mixologist!”

“Copycat,” Juliette said as she walked in the room.

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“That’s wonderful, son,” Jeannette said. “I’m very proud of you!”

“Grandma, you’ve been helping me with food, but I don’t know anything about mixing juice.”

But he sure knows about drinking it, Jeannette thought.

“Will you teach me, grandma?”

“You know I will.”

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