9.60 Everything’s Coming Up Arjun

Juliette went to answer the door one afternoon and was surprised to see that they had two visitors: Uncle Emerson and someone she didn’t want to see, yet was also half expecting him.

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Hmph…there’s that cute little stinker. It only took him three days to show up. Punk. ”Hi, Uncle Emerson.”

“Hey, Juliette. Your dad here?”

“Isn’t he always?”

Emerson shook his head. “Still have that smart mouth I see.”

“Better than a dumb mouth… Hello, Arjun. How can I help you?”

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“What’s up, Jules! I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d come by and see your pretty face.”

“Whoa…slow your roll, bruh. First of all, nobody calls me Jules. Second of all, nobody is ever just in this neighborhood. What do you want?”

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Being the childish, confident Sim that he was, he began to tell her an epic tale to explain his presence.

“So, I was walking to work, right…lab coat was fresh and my tie was right…couldn’t tell me nothin! All of a sudden, these dudes drove up in a van with no windows and they jump me and threw me in the van! One of them had a gun that was THIS big!

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“They tied me up and put a bag over my head and drove away. It was the longest ride ever. I thought we had left the country or something! It was all hot…I thought I was gonna die! The van stopped, and they pushed me out and untied me and stuff. They grabbed me and took me down this dark hallway, then we stopped in front of this room, and one guy said, ‘get in there!’ I was SCARED!”

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Julian was amused by this performance and thought that Arjun and Juliette would be cute together.

“So I went in the room, right? There was this big ol llamacorn in there! It was all big and fuzzy and stuff, and it said, ‘I am the great and powerful! What is it you wish?’

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“I said, ‘Oh please, great llamacorn, my only desire is to make Juliette Pruett fall in love with me. I don’t ask for much.’ Then the llamacorn said, ‘Go and do as you wish. If you fail, you will be tickled mercilessly until you die!’ I said, ‘But why do I have to die? I haven’t done anything!’ And he was like, ‘You are an impudent fool…and that is all the reason I need.’

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“So…Juliette, will you save me from an embarrassing death and go out with me?”

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Juliette looked at him, blinking rapidly, and totally not believing that he went through so much effort just to ask her on a date. “I have to be at work in two hours,” she said and turned around and went back inside.

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