9.61 Meatball Workout

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuunh! Errrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaah!”

Jonathan may or may not have put too much weight on the machine as he tried to keep up with the likes of his sister and Tony.

“Don’t focus on the weight,” Tony said. “Focus on the goal…big, meaty biceps…picturesque pecs…awesome abs!”

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Jonathan pictured Tony, his father, and grandfather in his mind and tried again.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He was breathing rapidly and took another break. “This is too much work! How do you guys do this multiple times a day?!”

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12-09-15_7_54_20 PM


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“Hooooooooooooooaaaaaaah! Unnnnnnnnnnn! This blows. I’m never going to be as big as you guys.”

12-09-15_7_55_52 PM

“Beautiful bodies take time and discipline, string bean.”

“I’m just fine with my string bean body! Besides, I have a cute face and great hair. And when my beard comes in…I’ll be perfect!”

“Perfection comes at a price, Pruett.”

“Speaking of perfection…Skyla’s birthday is in four days! You know what that means…”

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Jonathan continued, “I can’t wait to be married to her! I know I said we wouldn’t do it right away, but I changed my mind. I hope she feels the same way…”

Juliette came from upstairs. “Are you down here yapping Tony’s ear off about Skyla while he’s trying to have a good workout?”

12-09-15_7_58_16 PM

“I can’t help it! I love her…and I miss her lips.”

“Tony? I don’t think you’re working my brother hard enough. He’s so…gushy and soft.

“Soft like Skyla’s skin.”

“Ugh,” Juliette said. “I’m gonna be sick. See y’all later!”

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