9.68 Turn Up

Just as Skyla said, Jonathan survived. It was a long, hard road of tears, anger, depression, and feeling of loss, but he made it through the worst of it. He understood that he would always miss him, but he was finally ready to get on with his life. He and Skyla finally set a wedding date, and Jonathan called up his boys, Derek, Aldo, and Emerson to have a bachelor party the night before. As they waited for everyone to arrive, they sat around and talked as the house band played.

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“Where do you find these tight places, man,” Warren asked.

“Yeah, this place is pretty sweet,” Derek said.

“How are you holding up,” Jonathan asked Derek.

“Look, Jonathan, we’re not here to talk about my mom or your dad. We’re here to have fun and celebrate your last night of freedom, right? No sad talk!”

Jonathan smiled. “No sad talk!”

Everyone finally arrived, and Jonathan went around to greet everyone.

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Once everyone had been thanked and welcomed, he took them to the upstairs outdoor patio for a little dance party.

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Naturally, they ended up at the bar next. The bartender had abandoned his station, so Jonathan showed off his skills while the meatballs enjoyed some pool time and the other danced.

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12-13-15_4_21_11 PM

At the end of the night, Jonathan and Emerson wanted to relax in the hot tub, but found Warren and Derek there skinny dipping.

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Warren and Derek didn’t see what the problem was, but Jonathan and Emerson had other thoughts.

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