9.71 Ships that Pass in the Night

Between the renovation and the restaurant, Jonathan and Skyla were often like ships that passed in the night. They often wondered if they got involved in too much too soon, but at the same time they knew it was the best time before the children came along. One week night, Jonathan was home in time to have dinner with his wife.

“How did your meeting go with the illustrious OJenn?”

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“Very well! I like her a lot. She’s very hands-on, and she gives me progress reports every day! I totally trust her. What about you? How is the restaurant? Is Chasity working out?”

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“Actually, yes! I won’t lie…I was a bit concerned about hiring her knowing that she has a mean streak. But, I haven’t had any problems with her. I’m kinda struggling though. She has the best work ethic I’ve seen, and I love it. But I need to find a way to get her sales experience up without sacrificing the fast service I’m so used to giving my customers. I’m not sure if that’s even possible.”

“People will understand that she’s new. It’s a new restaurant! There are bound to be kinks at first.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“Oooooh, everybody is here,” Eugene said. “How nice.”

“Hey Mr. Oliver,” Jonathan said.

“Daddy! You’re up! Are you all right? You slept all afternoon.”

12-16-15_10_17_40 PM

“I’m old, honey bunny. That’s what old men do.”

12-16-15_10_17_57 PM

“Ok, old man. I’m watching you,” she said. “Are you hungry? Come sit with us.”

“I’ll get something later. So, son-in-law, how’s the restaurant business?”

12-16-15_10_18_56 PM

“Very well!”

“That’s good to hear,” Eugene said. “That’s good to hear. Are we rich yet?”

“Ha ha, not yet!”

“Well let me know if I need to break out my work boots. I’ll come in there bus tables or something.”

“That’s very kind,” Jonathan said.

“Bus tables?” Skyla began laughing. “Daddy, you barely enjoy flushing toilets!”

“Don’t talk about your dad that way. You kiss me with that mouth?”

12-16-15_10_19_26 PM

“She’ll kiss anything that feeds her,” Eugene said. He and Jonathan howled.

Skyla sighed and rolled her eyes. “What contest did I lose to get stuck living with two goofballs?”

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