9.73 OJenn’s Magic

“Good morning, Skyla. How is everything,” OJenn asked.

12-21-15_12_36_01 AM

“Everything is great! We had a party in the courtyard last night. Everyone loved it…especially Jonathan.”

“Wonderful! I do love to hear how pleased my clients are with my work.”

“I’m sure he would love to tell you himself, but he’s at work. Come on in.”

“If you don’t mind, Skyla, let’s head up to the master suite. I have some samples I’d like to show you.”

“Oh…ok,” Skyla said in a confused tone. “Is someone else bringing them?”

“Ha! OJenn doesn’t carry around actual samples now, Skyla. I use technology!”

Skyla was impressed and took her upstairs.

“Now,” OJenn began, “you said that you wanted calm colors in here, and you already have a lot of white furniture. Your bedspread has gray in it, so I say we tie the room into it. I think the walls should be a cool gray, and the carpet too. See?” OJenn pulled out her phone, punched a few keys, and out came a very lifelike hologram of the paint and carpet samples.

12-21-15_12_39_32 AM

“Wow,” Skyla said. “It’s like magic! It looks so real!”

“We don’t play around. I have a portable device with your colors already programmed in if you want to keep this up for a little while.”

“That would be awesome!”

“Excellent. Now, honestly, with a room this size, I think white and gray will get a bit boring. But, like I said, I want you to have what you want. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, I think you should add accents of soft yellow and even teal to bring the two rooms together. What do you think?”

“That sound beautiful! I trust your judgement.”

“Brilliant. Ok, let’s move to the bathroom then!”

Skyla got up and followed her in there as she punched up the command to run the en suite program on her phone.

“I’m not sure how much teal and how much white you want in here, so I brought a few different concepts,” OJenn said. “Honestly, I think you could use several of these in different places to give it some variety.”

12-21-15_12_40_37 AM

She continued, “Like, you can use this dark tile in the shower area, the gray and white tiles in the tub area, this blue everywhere else with an accent wall or two with one of the others.”

“Wow! I don’t even know how to choose!”

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