9.74 Happy Birthday, Juliette

Becoming a mother made Juliette and Janessa’s age misaligned, so Juliette celebrated her birthday first alone. She invited everyone over to her house to celebrate.

“Hey, kiddo! Look at how big you are,” Jonathan said to Juliana.

12-16-15_10_41_20 PM

“C’mere you! You’re so yummy I could eat you up,” he said and bent down to kiss her.

“Don’t eat me, uncle Jonathan!”

12-16-15_10_42_44 PM

“Awww! But you’re so sweet! Ok…I won’t eat ya.”

12-16-15_10_43_40 PM

Every time Jonathan saw her cute little face, he got excited about having his own children. He knew the timing wasn’t right, but one day a little child would be running around the Pruett Estate calling him daddy. The idea was very appealing to him.

The Mumbach duo, Derek and Chasity, were in attendance along with their father, Graham.

Skyla was there—beautiful as always.

12-16-15_10_44_33 PM

And, of course, Arjun was there as well. Juliette treated him fairly. He gave her a hug, and she did not reject him.

12-16-15_10_44_50 PM

Aldo joined his wife and daughter. Janessa spent most of her time there catching up with her twin. Ever since they both moved out and Janessa became a mom, they hadn’t spent nearly as much time together as they wanted to.

Jonathan’s friend Jake “wolly mammoth” Warren came to the party in poor spirits. His girlfriend, Sheryl, recently broke up with him. Good thing he didn’t propose to her!

12-16-15_10_47_05 PM

Juliette invited Tony to her party, and he brought his mother along with him. He had been treating her much better those days, so not quite sure what she was upset about. Perhaps she knew what was bothering Tony even though he hadn’t told her yet.

12-16-15_10_47_36 PM

Speaking of Tony being upset, he had a lot on his mind. His father was very persistent about meeting him. One day, Tony agreed to meet just to get him off his back. His father was surprised to find out that he looked just like his mother and thought he was a handsome young man. Tony tried to cut their meeting short, but his father commenced to tell him about this family business. He didn’t want to hear it because he wasn’t interested in being associated with the man who treated his mother like a commodity. However, his father told him everything: who he really was, where the family came from, etc. It gave Tony a lot to think about it. He hadn’t decided what he was going to do yet.

12-16-15_10_48_38 PM

Then there was this guy. Hubba hubba! Why hadn’t we seen you before? Don’t worry. Juliette went looking for him the next day and found out he was an old man.

12-16-15_10_49_29 PM

Everyone talked and caught up and had an excellent time—including Juliette.

12-16-15_10_49_51 PM

After the party, Juliette promptly sent everyone home. Skyla was so happy, she ran upstairs to begin a new painting. Eugene heard them come in and went to go find her.

“Hey daddy!” She saw that he was still in his bathrobe and had a cup of tea in his hand. “Are you feeling ok?”

12-16-15_10_59_01 PM

“Oh…yeah. I’m fine. I’m just an old man. You had a good time?”

“Yeah. It was nice to see everyone again.”

“Good, good. You’re so beautiful, honey bunny!” He began sneezing.

“Are you sure you’re all right, daddy?”

12-16-15_10_59_48 PM

“Oh, yeah. It’s just ummm…allergies. You know I’m not used to all this grass and trees.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Skyla said incredulously. “I’m still watching you.”

“If you recorded me, you could watch me all the time!”

“Ha ha ha. Goofball.”

Eugene left her to her painting and retreated back to his room. He took a nice long bath. When he was dressed, he saw that his rash was back.

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