9.75 The Nursery

Another week went by before Jonathan was home early enough to spend time with Skyla before she went to bed. They sat in their sitting area of their bedroom for the first time and talked.

“How have you been, Sky? I hate that I have to leave you alone so much. Say the word, and I’ll hire some more help so I can be at home more!”

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“No. I don’t want you to do that. This restaurant is your dream! I’m fine. I’m…a little more stressed than I imagined, but I’m fine.”

“Sky! Why are you stressed? I don’t want you to be stressed!”

“It’s nothing! I mean, this is a huge project. It’s bound to be stressful at times.”

He saw that there was something else. “But that’s not what’s bothering you…”

“No.” She sighed. “It’s my dad. He’s been sick a lot lately. He keeps saying it’s nothing or it’s his allergies, but…I don’t know. I hope it’s nothing.”

“Yeah, me too. He didn’t look good the morning of the party and said he was fine. Can you take him to the doctor?”

My dad? Go to the doctor? Puh! I’d be more successful getting him to flush toilets.”

They had a brief moment of laughter. It didn’t feel right, but they needed it. “I just keep an eye on him,” she said.

“Well, don’t stress too much about it. And let me know when you need help.”

“I will. In other news…the nursery is just about finished!”

He gasped. “Really? That’s great! Can I see it?”

“No. I still have a few more pieces to paint, but I have the furniture I want and it’s painted.”

“That’s great’s, Sky. I’m sure it looks awesome.”

“It does,” she said. “So…ummm…I’d be willing to start trying now if you wanted to…”

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“Really? Do you think now is a good time? We have so much going on.”

“I know,” she said. “The bulk of the renovation is complete. All I really need to do now is choose wall colors and floors so OJenn and her team can complete everything. I think I could handle a baby.”

Jonathan smiled. He wanted to be a good father like his own father was. He looked around the room and thought about how if he had a son, everything would be his one day. That was when it suddenly occurred to him what the Pruett legacy was all about. It wasn’t about waiting for an old man to die to collect on a mansion and goo gobs of money. It definitely wasn’t about trying to see how much of that money you could spend. It was about the family. It was about perpetuating the family’s values and ethics and teaching valuable lessons. It was about being well recognized and respected within the community. Everything that Julian taught him were lessons that were passed down from his father, Brady, and his father passed down to him, and Jonathan would do the same.

“Ok,” he said. “Wow…so, we’re having a baby then?”

“Yeah…I guess we are!” She was beaming.

“Well what are we waiting for!” He got up and grabbed her. He kissed her all the way to their bed.

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The next morning, Jonathan arose very happy and hopeful about the previous night’s escapades.

Oh yeah…who’s excited about being a daddy? This guy! Bring on generation 10!

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