9.76 Stress

Skyla’s father was sick more than he was well as time went on. He wasn’t majorly ill and always said he was ok. It was just a sneeze here, rash there…dizziness and headaches at times. He drank tea and rested, and for the most part he was fine. But Skyla knew better.

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It wasn’t natural for someone to be sick all the time and something not be wrong. He would say it was because he was old, and old people get sick. She didn’t buy it and kept an eye on him. But keeping an eye on him stressed her out. She often had headaches and found herself being depressed with thoughts of something happening to him…or even him dying.

However, she tried not to dwell on those thoughts. She did things that made her happy, like paint and spend time with her husband as often as she could.

She also tried to fill her mind with the future. They had been trying for a baby, and she was excited about what the future looked like for them. She tried to imagine what their children would look like, and how many they would have. Neither of them cared about the number. They simply wanted to be parents and continue the legacy. However, they didn’t want to rush the process, so Skyla opted not to take pregnancy tests. They were going to wait and find out naturally. At times, it made them both crazy not knowing if they had been successful or not, but—for the most part—waiting for a surprise was invigorating.

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