9.79 Babies Babies Babies

Janessa finally had her adult birthday and invited everyone over to her house to celebrate. Jonathan and Juliette arrived at the same time, and he was amazed at how big her baby bump was.

“Hey! Look at you! You look like you should be at home,” he said.

“Nah…I’ve got a whole ‘nother day to go.”

“You’re only in your second trimester?”

“Yeah…see, little brother, when you already have a fat belly, and you add another fat belly on top of it, it makes you look like you have a reeeeeeeally fat belly.”

“Oh stop it, Juliette.”

Inside, there was baby talk as well.

“So, Skyla,” Emerson said, “are you guys thinking about children yet?”

She sighed and tried to force a smile. “Yes. We are.”

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“Happy birthday, Janessa,” Jonathan said.

“There’s my little brother! Can you believe what Juliette did?”

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“Happy birthday,” Salvatore said.

She hadn’t seen him in a long time and thought they should all reconnect, so she invited him to her party. She thought he would come with his wife and kids, but it turns out he didn’t have them yet. Poor guy.

Janessa was ready to age up and gathered everyone around the cake. They sang and she spun around into her adult years. She felt fabulous.

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Everyone had cake, and soon enough the party was over and everyone returned home. Skyla was really hungry, and the cake wasn’t enough, so she had dinner at home with her father. They talked about the party and random goings on, and then he too hopped on the baby train.

“So, honey bunny…will there be some little bunnies around soon?”

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“…sure, dad. Just give it time,” said trying to convince herself more than anyone. “Excuse me.” She left him and hurried upstairs before the flood gates opened. Some kind of way she found herself in the nursery.

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The next night, after Jonathan had returned home from work, he was about to have dinner when he received yet another unexpected guest.

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Jeannette looked on lovingly at her little boy who was no longer a little boy. She was so proud of him. But, when he turned around, she tried to dash away, but he saw her.

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“Mom? Mom…wait! Where are you going?”

She stopped and went back in the kitchen to talk to him. “I thought if you saw me it would make you sad.”

“Why would I be sad to see my mother again?”

“I’m glad to see you. I’m so proud, you know. Your father told me about the restaurant and everything!”

“Everything is going so well, mom!”

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“I’m glad to hear. And Skyla…how is she? Is she pregnant?”

“Not yet. I think it’s beginning to get to her. She says she’s fine, but she looks sad sometimes. And then everything going on with her dad…she’s super stressed out.”

“Oh boy. Let’s sit down and talk, Jonathan. I know all about this.”

“You do?”

“Oh yes.”

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“On our honeymoon night, I got pregnant on the second try. And then, with you, we had tried three times before! Even before the wedding I was worried about getting pregnant. I didn’t want to have any children in my adult years, so I was very anxious while we were trying. That stress will make it much harder than it should be. I know it’s a difficult time for her right now, but she needs to find a way to handle that stress.”

“But, what if it’s not stress. What if something is wrong?”

“Go to a doctor! But, I’m betting it’s the stress. Stress can kill you if you let it.”

Meanwhile, upstairs, Skyla was crying in the closet.

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