9.80 Frustration

Jonathan came home one night just as Skyla was cleaning up the kitchen. It had been a very long day for the both of them. Jonathan was tired, hungry, and in desperate need for a shower. Skyla was very frustrated.

“Hey gorgeous,” Jonathan said. He went straight for the fridge to get some leftover gumbo.

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Skyla didn’t say anything, but she did join him for dinner.

“I’m sorry I’m all smelly. I was too hungry to shower first.”

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Skyla remained silent. Jonathan wasn’t going to let it bother him at first, but he couldn’t help.

“Sky…what’s bothering you?”

“Where is the baby?

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“What are we doing wrong,” she continued. “Why isn’t there a baby yet??”

Jonathan thought about what his mother said. Stress can kill you if you let it. Skyla was still the sweet girl he met long ago, but stress had changed her. She began her young adult life dealing with him while he was in crisis. Then they got married and began to deal with her ailing father. Then there was the restaurant stress and the renovation stress, and now she was stressed over not being pregnant yet. Jonathan was concerned that everything was building up inside of her, compounding and expanding, and it frightened him.

“My mom says it takes time sometimes. They had to try many times with all of us. Maybe we should go on vacation and get away for a while. You’re too stressed.”

“And what do we do with my father? Bring him with us and watch him be sick the entire time?”

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“Sky, please…I’m trying to help, but I don’t know what to do! I don’t like seeing you this way!”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated with everything. I wasn’t anticipating all of this happening!”

“I know. Neither was I. Look, how about this. I’ll call meatball and have him meet me at the restaurant in the morning. I’ll show him around and get him trained so he can help me out when I need him. I want to be here with you more often.”


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