9.82 So Far, So Good

Jonathan had Tony work at the restaurant every day for a week so he could get the hang of things and the customers would come to trust him. He was doing an excellent job. 12-27-15_8_04_27 PM

The sales tripled, and Jonathan felt comfortable increasing the payroll budget. He hired another employee: a junior sales associate. His tasks were to keep the store clean and restock sold items. Hopefully he shapes up soon because he was berated for slacking on his first day.

12-27-15_8_02_49 PM

Chasity had been doing very well with the sales, and so Jonathan promoted her from assistant sales associate to sales associate.

Back at home, Eugene was trying something new.

“Dad? What are you doing?”

12-27-15_7_45_40 PM

“Trying out this yoga thing. It’s really nice…you should try it. You’re too stressed, honey bunny.”

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