9.84 Jonathan to the Rescue

“OJenn! It is so nice to finally meet you face to face!”

“The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Pruett.”

“Please call me Jonathan. Come on in!”

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He walked her to the hallway. “Oh! I can’t thank you enough for your work in the courtyard! It’s BEAUTIFUL! And the bedroom and bathroom…so serene!”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying them! I take great pride in my work. Oh, hello, Skyla!”

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Skyla walked right past her and went upstairs.

“Is she all right, Jonathan?”

“Ummm…she needs some rest, that’s all. Please don’t think anything of it.”

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“Not at all. Ok, are you ready to be amazed?”

“Absolutely! Work your magic, Jenn!”

She went to a blank wall and pulled up the hallway program on her phone as she did before and projected the samples onto the wall.

“Now, these were a bit tougher to come up with because I hadn’t gotten any clues as to what you all were thinking for the hallways, so I hope you find one of these combinations pleasing.”

12-27-15_9_57_02 PM

“I’m sure I will.”

“So, for the walls, I think either you should go with the same texture as the courtyard, or maybe just stucco. If you want some color, perhaps a blue? This blue glows and looks like the sky and would tie into your outdoor theme. This tiled blue is a bit darker, and may change the vibe, but I like the texture. For the floors, I think you should definitely go with stone or wood to keep the outdoor theme going. Now, personally, I think you should choose this dark wood to make the banisters on the windows in the courtyard not look so random, but it’s your decision of course.”

“Wow! How do I choose?”


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