9.88 Trying

Another morning, after breakfast, Jonathan was hanging around before he left for work and was very surprised—and elated—to see Skyla up and about.

“Hey,” he said trying not to sound overly eager.

01-01-16_8_32_59 PM

To his surprise…

01-01-16_8_33_14 PM

“I’m glad to see you’re feeling better,” he said.

“Yes…much better…

01-01-16_8_35_17 PM

“I can’t wait to see you when you get home tonight.”

01-01-16_8_35_54 PM

“Neither can I!”

He went to work a very happy man and wished that time would move faster so he could go home and be with his wife. However, that wouldn’t be necessary because after a few hours, his wife came to him.

01-01-16_9_21_06 PM

He didn’t see her come in, so she took a seat within his line of sight and waited for him to notice her. Clearly, he was quite shocked to see her.

01-01-16_9_23_01 PM

01-01-16_9_23_27 PM

01-01-16_9_24_16 PM

Later that night…

01-01-16_8_50_04 PM
“Tony…I need you to open tomorrow again…yeah. Listen, after you close, come by the house. We need to talk business…”
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