9.89 A Plea for Help

Just as Jonathan requested, Tony opened the restaurant and came to the estate when the day was done.

“Thanks for coming, dude,” he said.

“Anything you need, my liege,” Tony said. “How can I help?”

“Well…I need you to run the restaurant…full time…”

01-01-16_10_00_20 PM

Tony understood that things were rough behind closed doors, but he never imagined it would come to this. “Full time, like…”

“I don’t know. Maybe a few weeks…a month? I don’t know. All I know is that my wife needs me, and I need the time to spend with her. She can’t be like this forever, dude. And her father…when he goes…I know it’s gonna be harder on her than my dad’s death was on me. I just need to be with her. She seems to be better when I’m around.”

01-01-16_10_00_30 PM

“Look, Jonathan, you don’t have to sell me on it. I know things aren’t going well. I get it. I already told you I’d be here for you. I’ll do whatever you need.”

“You are the best best friend anyone could have!”

9.88 Trying
9.90 We Need This

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