9.91 Relapse

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Eugene passed out for the last time as Skyla called Dr. Vinson and Jonathan tried to wake him up in vain. The Grim Reaper arrived before the doctor did. They were very surprised to see him as they thought Eugene was having another episode that just happened to be a lot worse than the last one. However, the reaper reported to them that Eugene had not died because of the sickness; it was just his time to go. So, with a heavy heart, Skyla decided that she should let her father go and not beg for his life.

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9.92 Pain

8 thoughts on “9.91 Relapse”

  • I’m glad Eugene can now have some peace and so can Skyla. She spent so long stressing over her Dad’s health that it’s taking a negative toll on her. Hopefully with his passing she can grieve for him and then move forward with her plans for the future like finishing the remodel and conceiving that baby.
    Oh I wanted to ask, are you going to end the legacy when Skyla gives birth to the first 10th generation child even if it’s a girl, or when the first 10th generation boy is born?

    • Jonathan, as the wonderful husband he is, took the reigns on the remodel behind the scenes and actually finished the house! I’ll have to give you guys a virtual tour when it’s over.
      OMG!!!! I just realized…there are only 11 chapters left! 🙁 🙂 🙁
      So, yes, when the gen 10 heir is born, the story will be over. I’ve been playing with them and snapping pictures, so I guess that means I’ll do some sort of follow up so you can see what this kid or kids look like.

  • Aw Eugene <3… well, now hopefully Skyla will find herself less stressed. Of course, she'll still have to go through the grieving process but there's definitely a burden off her shoulders without having to take care of him.

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