9.98 The Trailer

Jonathan finally decided that they should in fact move into Skyla’s father’s house. She was more excited than he was.

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When they walked in the door, Skyla was comforted by everything being just as it was when she was last there. She felt at home. Jonathan, however, was frozen in his tracks. He never minded the trailer before. It was nice enough to visit knowing what he had to come home to. Now that the place would potentially be his new home, his feelings changed. Walking in and seeing the tiny kitchen kitted with cheap appliances and countertops was like a reminder that he was a failure. He briefly remembered the heir talk his father gave him. Julian admonished him about his spending habits and asked him if he wanted to be known as the heir who lost the family fortune. Tears began to form in his eyes when he realized he had become that guy. Even though, long ago, he had come to realize that the legacy was more than just the money and the estate, he felt like the Pruett legacy had ended with his mistakes. The reign of the Pruetts was over, and it was all because of him. I’m sorry, dad…I’m so sorry!

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Out of curiosity, he went to the bedroom; he had never been in there before, and he had to know how Skyla and her father lived together for so long.

“Oh. No. There is NO way we are doing this.”
“Oh. No. There is NO way we are doing this!”

He was angry all over again. The fumes, the stress, the urge to figure it all out…it all came rushing back. His fists balled up and lips tightened. His breaths got quicker and quicker. He didn’t want to be angry. Yesterday, he had decided that getting angry wasn’t worth the effort. It solved nothing. Que será, right? That’s what he thought until he walked into the house and saw his new reality. Somehow, he was able to pull himself together enough to turn around and get out of the room. He joined Skyla on the couch, but his mind was a thousand miles away. She felt confident about their decision to move back there, but she knew that he would struggle with it. He was going to need some time to adjust, and she knew that. She only wished she knew how she could help to make him more comfortable with it.

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His thoughts were racing and didn’t show any signs of slowing. He heard all kinds of voices in his head. They told him he was a failure; he was an idiot; he was too trusting; his father was disappointed; Xavier was rolling over in his grave. They were so loud, and so condescending… He just wanted them to stop. He yelled, “I’m sorry…I can’t!” He shot up out of his seat and ran out the door with tears in his eyes. Skyla got up to go after him, but she knew it wouldn’t be any use. She couldn’t catch him anyway.

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She looked around the room and sighed. The house didn’t look nearly as bad as she perceived when she was a teenager, she thought. That’s when she knew what she could do for him. Just a few changes can spruce the place up a bit… She wouldn’t be able to do much, and it still probably would not help Jonathan feel differently about it. But, she knew that it would be the thought that counted the most.

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Although she didn’t know exactly where Jonathan went, she had a feeling that he would be gone for a very long time. Seeing him that upset reminded her of how he was when Julian died. However, if she was right about him, then she had plenty of time to do what she wanted to do and immediately got to work.

Several hours later, Jonathan returned. He didn’t return because he felt better, but he desired to have more acceptance of the situation, and he wasn’t going to get it by staying away. When he arrived and crossed over the threshold, he stepped into a fresh, redecorated living room. It was nothing like his old living room, but it still managed to take his breath away.

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She was getting a glass of milk from the fridge and came out to greet him. “Do you like it?”

He was slightly happier, but very confused.

“I know you don’t like it here, so I wanted to make you feel comfortable like you made me feel comfortable in your house,” she said.

“Oh, Sky…” It was no secret that he was madly in love with her, but in that moment, he fell in love with her all over again. “But…how? We have no money.”

“Ummmm…nesting?” She hoped a little humor put him at ease.

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He cracked a smile, but he still wanted an answer.

“Well,” she began, “I reupholstered the couch, to start. I sold the lamp and those bar stools as they were worth quite a bit of money and bought the rug, curtains, lamp, accent table for the radio, and new dining table and chairs. Oh, and I sold those twin beds and got a double bed… And, I bought a third dining chair for the baby.” Her last sentence made both of them smile. “I had those paintings in my inventory, so I just put them up.”

He felt so loved by her. “You didn’t need to do all of this, Sky.”

“I know. But, this is our home now. I don’t want you to be unhappy.”

“You are the most amazing wife!”

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  • Oh, the irony that he indeed lost the family fortune but not due to being a big spender.
    For some reason Skyla looks more happy in her childhood home than in the Pruett manor. I hope Jonathan will realize that the legacy is not about the family fortune but about the family and they have this part covered (hopefully). I was only wondering what those poor ghosts in the Pruett house are doing all alone now, no fridge to raid, no appliances to break…
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

  • Aww I feel for Jonathan. I have no doubt he can learn to live in a humble way, he was never big-headed, but it’s got to be hard to know you’re the one who’s ended the legacy. Hopefully the fact that he did so to support his wife will keep his spirits up.

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