Alayna Meets her Match

Sydney, who gained the hot headed trait, was washing her hands in the bathroom when she was suddenly unhappy with her situation.

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“MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYY,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Alayna heard her all the way upstairs and came running to her rescue.

“What is it, babe?”

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Sydney glared at her for a few seconds and then yelled, “THE WATER IS COLD!”

“Okaaaaay…did you let it run for a little while first?”

“How am I supposed to wash my hands in cold water?? Why is the water cold?!”

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Alayna let her go on with this tantrum for a minute before she tried to squash it.

“Are you quite done yet?

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“I don’t know why the water is cold! But when you find that the water is cold, just leave it on until it’s hot, ok? There’s no need for a crisis.”

Oh, but there was, and Sydney was not going to let this go.

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“You can glare at me all you want, Syd. It’s not going to make the water warm.

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“Oh, so you wanna have a staring contest? Ok. Let’s do a staring contest. I invented the staring contest!”

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Sydney blinked.

“See…I win. I think you’re just sleepy and need a nap, so why don’t you go on upstairs and go to sleep, ok?”

“I don’t WANT sleep! I. Want. Hot. Water!”

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“Ok, little girl…you’ve yelled at me for the very last time, you hear me? You’re taking a nap, and that’s final!

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“Get your little freezer bunny tail upstairs! NOW!”

But Sydney didn’t move. Alayna decided to leave before she jacked the little girl up by the throat, but she also felt a little bit defeated. She had not experienced a child being willfully disobedient to her before. As smart and in control as Alayna was, she had no idea what to do.

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