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It has been a while since I’ve “talked” to you. I hope you are well. I am! I’m very excited, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself. I have a few things to tell you, and then I will get out of your hair. But, before I get to the announcements, you know I have to thank you! There is tons of SimLit out there, and I know you don’t have to read mine, but I really appreciate all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my little crazy stories! It means the world to me. And to the new people who recently followed this blog, welcome! There is plenty of fun to be had around these parts. 🙂 

1. Llama Baby

Some of you who talk to me on a regular basis know how bummed I was when the outfit I picked out originally for Abigail got messed up and I had to choose another. I won’t bore you with the details, but her original outfit works now, and I just have to show it to you!

2. Story Updates

When Discovering Juliana is over, I will only have two stories to work on. Yay!! That certainly lessens the load on my mind and will make it easier to juggle. Also, I’m at a place in the other two stories where I can see the end though it’s not exactly around the corner. I have awesome ideas that I am extremely excited about for Delicious Dishes & Dreams, affectionately known as “3D Pruetts,” and I want to make sure they are executed well and in a timely matter. For that reason, I have decided to press pause on that story so I can finish Keeping Up With the Joneses which is closer to being finished than 3D is. I know that is disappointing news, but I want to be able to focus all my energy on it. Outside of Discovering Juliana, this is the story that attempts to steal all my attention–you can probably tell–so I’m going to give in…but after a little while. 

When will KUWTJ be done? I’m not positive yet, but I think we need to go through two more rotations, but definitely not more than three. I don’t plan this story in as much detail as DJ, so unless something happens, this is my plan.

3. Scheduling

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but over the past two months or so, I’ve fallen back into a schedule of sorts. Most of you are like me and don’t particularly care or remember when chapters are supposed to come out, but some of you do care and appreciate the predictability. I’ve also heard that some think chapters come out too often when I do daily updates for KUWTJ. Knowing that I can’t please everyone, I think that sticking to my unofficial schedule is a good balance of both needs. So, I hereby declare Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays as my update days with an occasional Balderdash chapter or some other short story on Saturdays. This doesn’t mean I am committing to posting every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but this just means that when chapters come out, they will be posted on those days. 

If anyone has any strong feelings for or against any of this, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you. Also, to kick off this new schedule and keep the momentum going, the next rotation of KUWTJ will begin on Tuesday! We’re back with the Joneses!! If you’re not excited, you should be! Have a great weekend, and I’ll “see” you on Sunday.

Book Club Begins!

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