Aria 2.0

The day that Devan and Leliana had been waiting for finally arrived:  Aria’s birthday!

“Are you nervous,” Devan asked.

“Admittedly, yes. Are you?”

“A little. What are you most nervous about?”

“Traits. A princess must have good traits in order to be a proper ruler and gain the respect of her subjects!”

“Right. Well, let’s get this party started then!”

Leliana summoned the aging up powers of infant birthdays, and Aria’s bassinet began to tremble and glisten like the sun. Out popped the new and improved version of Aria Holmes. She gained the self-assured trait, just like her father, and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

“Whoa! Look at me,” she said.

Devan and Leliana were more than pleased with their little creation and could not wait to explore her personality and learn about the world through her eyes.

“Hello, folks,” Aria said. “Excuse me for a moment while I go make myself more presentable!” She left her room and went to the spare room to plan her outfits at the dresser.

Here is how she styled herself:

09-01-15_12_07 AM

And here is her close-up:

Who do you think she looks like?

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Leliana sounded like a broken record.

“So, umm, can we try for a baby now?”



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