Wonder Kingdom – Aria’s Shenanigans

One Saturday morning, the Holmes family sat around the table and ate breakfast together. Sophia was quite hungry and ate her food quickly. She placed her plate in the dishwasher and promptly began on her homework. She hadn’t been to school yet, but she wanted to get a head start. Aria had finished eating as well but needed a bit more attention than she was receiving. Her parents had been discussing business as they ate.

“…and I’ve decided to go with the soft teal on the walls instead of the navy,” Leliana explained.

“Yeah? Ok. I suppose a lighter color would look friendlier. Navy probably would have made the room look smaller anyway.”


12-19-15_11_21_06 PM

“What about the floor,” Devan asked.

“I could get that done next week too, but I haven’t decided on what type of flooring would be best.”


“Just a minute, Ari,” Devan said. “You’re not thinking about carpet, are you?”

“Oh no. Carpet is too high maintenance for us.”

“Good. That’s exactly what I was thinking.” He knew that he would be the one to have to clean it when the time came.


“I think the easiest thing would be tile,” Leliana said. “Keep it simple with either beige or gray?”

“Yeah. That sounds great.”


“YES? Hello, Ari! What is it?”

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She looked at him, smiled, and blinked her eyes a few times. “…you didn’t say good morning to me!”

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