Boot Camp – Season 1 Premiere

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Six contestants were chosen to be part of a unique experience to transform their lives in a way they haven’t been able to do themselves. These contestants will be vying for a chance to spend the next 12 weeks at The Lodge to be trained by celebrity trainer Brady Pruett and his wife–and protege–Viviana Harmon. I am Sugar Maple Bough, your host and the nutritionist and fitness coach to the contestants. Just call me Shug! Welcome to Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp!

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Each week, you will watch the contestants sweat, strain, and stress to lose weight and prove to you that they deserve to stay another week at The Lodge. Pay close attention, and judge their performance because, at the end of the week, you will decide which contestant will be leaving The Lodge.

Let’s meet the contestants!

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Nico Battle is a middle aged writer. He never put much emphasis on fitness in his younger years and found himself going into his 40s overweight. He loves to try new foods which hasn’t helped his situation. He wants to get back to his youthful appearance and feels boot camp is his best opportunity.

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Acacia Bough is an up and coming techie in the the professional gaming arena. She is very smart, hard working and confident. Being a genius, there wasn’t much that she didn’t know. But, the things she didn’t know about health and fitness caused her to keep gaining weight. Acacia knows that with the proper nutrition and the right exercise regimen, she will be able to maintain a healthy body to hold all that knowledge. That’s what she aims to do here at The Lodge.

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Alex Hamm has a desire to be the best version of himself before he finds that special someone. He came to The Lodge to get as fit as possible.

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Just because Braylon Skinner is one of the smallest contestants doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem she would like to solve. Her love affair with food goes deeper than she can explain, and the extra pounds are starting to affect her health and her attitude. She came to The Lodge to discover why she’s eating and to let Brady whip her into shape.

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Grant Parker is a 26-year-old office clerk and is engaged to the girl of his dreams. Over the years, he allowed fitness to take a back seat, and he has been gaining weight since. His fiancé, Clarice, doesn’t make a big deal about his size and makes him feel like he is already perfect. But, Grant wants his body to be as perfect as she makes him feel. He says she deserves it.

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Jayda Pollard is a 33-year-old mother of four. Her children are everything to her, and she wants to make them proud. She recently learned about a heart problem that scared her into making some changes in her life. She needs boot camp to help her get into shape so she can be around for a long time for her children.

Brady:  “Ok folks. This is it! As they say, today is the first day of the rest of your life–your new life as a healthy individual who is in control of his or her life. Are you ready to change your life?”

(The contestants hooted and hollered and agreed that they were ready to change.)

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Brady:  “Good! My wife, Viv, and I are passionate about fitness. We mean business! She is the sweetest person in the world…my angel…but she is very serious about what she does and is an excellent trainer. Leave your excuses out here! Once you cross the threshold, there is no turning back. I’m sure all of you have loved ones who are counting on your success here. If not, you need to decide why you’re here and what will keep you going. I’m going to be hard on you, but you can’t break under the pressure! Always keep that reason in the forefront of your mind.”

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Viviana:  “All of you are already winners because you’re here. You could have stayed home and kept living your life, but you decided to make a change. No matter what happens…no matter if you go home…be proud of the fact that you were brave enough to come here.”

Brady:  “Ok, folks…welcome to The Lodge! Come in!”

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Jayda:  “Well…I’m here! When I first walked through the doors and saw those posters of all those fit people, I was like…wow! I could be one of them! I might be on that wall one day!”

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Nico:  “Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into? I know what I came here to do, but…it’s just now hitting me what I actually have to do. I hope I can do this.”

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Acacia:  “I love a good challenge! I want to be on this show all the way to the end. I never wanted to be a size two, but if getting that small is what I need to do to be here the whole 12 weeks, that’s what I’m gonna do!”

Viviana:  “Follow me to our state of the art kitchen, and allow me to introduce you all to your nutritionist and coach, Sugar Maple Bough! She’s also hosting the show.”

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Sugar:  “Just call me Shug. So…welcome! It’s great that you all are here. I respect the bravery that you’ve displayed by being here. Like Viv said, I’ll be your chef. I love to eat just like you probably do, so I’m not going to starve you by serving you child size portions. No, we’re gonna eat, and eat a lot! We’re just going to learn to make better choices with our eating. I’m also here to talk if you need to. But, please…no whining.”

Viviana:  “Shug is an awesome cook, and you are in good hands. She is just as passionate about fitness as we are, and is also qualified to train. She can give you some pointers if Brady and I aren’t around.”

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Brady:  “Let’s go across the hall to the living room….We want you to feel comfortable and at home here at The Lodge, but hopefully you won’t spend a lot of time in here, he he. I’m just kidding. What I mean to say is we hope that when you’re in this room, you’re not just slumming in front of the television. That’s a very good way to get sent home.”

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Grant:  “I didn’t know what to think about Brady at first. I mean, they don’t call it ‘crazy Brady’ for nothing, right? But, when he cracked that joke, I figured he had to be ok. He’s probably a really nice guy who’s just passionate about what he does. Nothing wrong with that.”

Brady:  “Now…here’s your new home! Isn’t it beautiful? We have all the equipment you could ever want. This is my domain! I am going to be tough. I will not be nice in this room. You will probably hate me. But, I hope you realize by now that I want what you all want, and I want it just as bad as you do. I am rooting for you! Take what I say and use it as fuel for the fire.”

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Braylon:  “I know what the other contestants are thinking. ‘Why is this skinny girl on this show?’ If I thought I was skinny, I wouldn’t be here! But, when Acacia looked at me, I could tell she wasn’t judging me. I think we’re going to be friends.”

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Grant:  “Dude, do you see those mountains back there? What a view! It’s almost like the gym is outside…but without the heat.”

Viviana:  “Today is going to be the only free day you’ll get, so enjoy it! Get to know each other! Share your stories. Inspire each other. There are two large bedrooms upstairs:  one for the men, and one for the women. Each bedroom has two bathrooms in it, and there are two bathrooms in the common area upstairs. You should be very comfortable here. Rest up! Tomorrow, we work!

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Alex:  “‘Sup.”

Nico:  “Hey.”

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Grant:  “Hey guys.”

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Grant:  “Awwwwkwaaaaard…”

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Alex:  “I know, I know…I’m not fat. I’m just here for the ladies. I thought maybe I would run into Summer Holiday while I’m here, but ummm…that Skinner girl with the socks got some boom boom, know what I’m sayin!”

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Nico:  “I think I’m just gonna stay right here until time for lunch. I’m too old for all this socializing.”

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Jayda:  “Oooh, child, those beds! The three of those beds cost more than my house! I’ll see y’all tomorrow! I’m about to jump in one of these nice beds!”

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Acacia:  “Shared living quarters….Didn’t see that one coming! I think it will be great getting to know these ladies.”

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Braylon:  “Are you kidding me right now? I was hoping we’d have our own rooms! I’m not very good with strangers.”

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Brady:  “Well…I hope they’re read to work! I’m already proud of them for being here. I hope they remember that when I’m screaming in their ear tomorrow.”

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Viviana:  “Yay! They’re here! I’m so excited! I hope they really take advantage of everything we have to offer here. Brady and I really are passionate about what we do and want to help whomever will allow us to help. But, I hope they have fun too. All work and no play is like…death to me!”

Now that the contestants have arrived, met each other, and are familiar with The Lodge, how will they fare together? Will alliances be formed? Who will crack under the pressure? Find out, next week, on Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp!

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Crazy Brady's Boot Camp - S1 EP 2

14 thoughts on “Boot Camp – Season 1 Premiere”

  • I wonder how Acacia and Shug will react. I mean, Acacia is Shug’s ancestress! The never-appearing ghost, the reaper’s lover, and so much more. How much will they have to tell one another? Will Sugar Maple come home with new stories to tell, about cedars and reapers?

  • Jes, you must be using “High Charisma” filter–all of these Sims look gorgeous, and they’re so amazing! Really love the way that Sugar is expressing herself.

    And Acacia seems so happy! Thanks for helping our Sims to shine! 🙂

  • A nutritionist name Sugar. Now how is that going to work out when somebody trying to loose wait and you gotta call the cook something that you can’t have anymore. That is messed up.


  • Hi Jes, Hope you’re doing well. I like the start to your Boot Camp and wish all the best to the contestants. I think I’ll root for Acacia as she kind of looks like me except for the pink & green streak in her hair. Guess I’ll find out how she does as I continue to read.

    • Hi, Silver! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I think Acacia is so beautiful. Be sure to vote for her and up to two others you like on Wednesday 😀

  • Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp is such a fun read, I love the reality show format. I love the name Shug, it reminds me of that movie Color Purple. Brady and his wife look like a power couple, they look so nice in their track suits. It was great meeting all the contestants, Alex is hilarious. I have so much catching up to do on your other stories. You’re like a writing machine, which is a good thing! Keep up the awesome work. : )

    • Des!!! How nice to see you back over here! I’m glad you like this story. Brady and Viv ARE a power couple lol. If you ever get around to reading generation 8 of the legacy, you’ll learn more about them. I love them so much. I was gonna wait until the legacy was over to do this, but I just couldn’t wait lol.

      • I’ll be sure to go back and check. It’s amazing how far you’ve gotten in story writing. On an unrelated note, I wanted to mention that I might be starting over Kalila’s story in the near future. I also think you may have accidently unfollowed my story, I can’t be sure because my wordpress can be glitchy at times. I’m only mentioning in case you ever want to read any new chapters it will show in your feed. I was also going to bring my sims 4 comic on here too, but I’m still debating it.

        • Oooh! That sounds exciting. I’ll check my feed right now–mine is glitchy too. One time it turned off all my notifications!

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