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Welcome back to another exciting episode of Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! Things are heating up as we approach the mid-point of the season and the end of week two. The end of a week brings a bittersweet event: another vote! It’s bitter because we will have to say goodbye to another one of our awesome contestants, but sweet because we will be that much closer to seeing who will win motherlode, the Jr. Solar System trophy, and a shopping spree!

The first week was about getting into physical shape so the contestants can see the results. This second week was about getting into mental shape in order to stay on the journey for the long haul. Next week, we will continue in the mental fitness and focus on positive self-esteem and image. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We have one more episode before then. Let’s get to it!


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Jayda:  Good morning, guys! Did you sleep well?

Grant:  I slept ok.

Jayda:  Aww…you look worried too. What’s wrong?

Grant:  Nothing really. It’s just…well, you know…the end of another week…

Jayda:  Oh. That. None of us want to go home, but don’t let it get to you like that! I mean, you work very hard, you’re seeing results, and you have a good attitude. People will see that and do what they need to do.

Grant:  But, that’s the thing! We all work hard and good attitudes and are getting results. How do they choose? How are we different? I guess I’m just afraid of it turning out to be some kind of popularity contest.

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Nico:  Jayda is right, Grant. Don’t let it get to you. You can’t do anything about it anyway. And, have a little faith, ok? People aren’t as petty as you may think.

After breakfast, the trio went into the common area to watch a rerun of The Bachelorette. They did see the irony in watching a reality show while they were on one, but they loved it so much and had to get their fill while they waited for season two to begin.

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As much as Nico enjoyed the show, something else that was on his mind was stealing his attention.

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After shifting in his seat and several loud sighs, he decided to let his housemates know what was on his mind.

Nico:  …[ahem]…ummm…Jayda, do you…uhhh, wow…I feel silly asking you this. Has Braylon ever mentioned, uhhh, is there a…(sigh)…is she seeing anyone?

Jayda:  [gasp] Nico! For real? You like Braylon? Awww!

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Grant:  Ummm…this is weird…

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Nico:  Well, I mean…she’s a nice girl…I just…want to know, that’s all.

Jayda:  Uh huh, right. I have never met a man who wanted to know if a girl was single ‘just to know.’ Mmm hmm…

Nico:  Ok! I may be a wee bit interested in her. It’s no big deal. Just…forget I asked.

Jayda:  Now how do you expect me to forget something like that….Oooh, don’t look now, but she’s coming this way!

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Nico:  Ok…yes, I like Braylon! I’m not sure why everyone is making a big deal out of it. This isn’t middle school. I know I’m the oldest person here, but I thought we were all grown-ups. What do I like about her? Ummm…she’s sweet! She’s passionate about what she does, and I admire that. I could use some of that. And…I think she’s beautiful.

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Nico:  Good moring, Braylon. You look ready to take on the day.

Braylon:  I sure am!

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Nico:  See what I mean?

After breakfast, the contestants were called to the front lawn for the final challenge of the week.

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Sugar:  Good morning, everyone! I’m sure you all have realized that this is the last day of the week. For this last challenge, we’re gonna do another endurance challenge. How many rounds can you go? I want to see good punches, people! Hit those bags like your life depends on it. This isn’t just a challenge to win something. This is a workout! The winner of this challenge will receive §500! On your mark…get set…punch!

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Braylon was so shocked and excited she did a little impromptu victory dance.

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I'm on fire this week!
I’m on fire this week!

Sugar:  Way to go, Braylon! You’ve won everything this week! So awesome. Ok, people, the day is still young, but you are on your own until tonight. Get in as many workouts as you can before the vote! See you all tonight.

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Braylon:  Look, Shug! I see muscles forming!

Sugar:  Wooow, are you ready to take on Brady now?

Braylon:  HA! Uhh, no. Not yet.

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Braylon:  Sugar? I’ve been thinking a lot about what we talked about the other day. I would love to sit down with you and discuss it further.

Sugar:  I would love that! Because you’re immune this week, you’ll be here next week and we’ll have all the time in the world. I want you to focus on your last-chance workouts today. Ok?

10-11-15_5_06_50 PM

Braylon:  Sure, that’s fine. Thank you!

Sugar:  No problem. And, hey…congrats! You’ve been incredible this week!

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All the contestants had the same idea:  eat lunch, take a short break, and hit it hard again. The coaches came out shortly after and mentored as many as they could before the fatigue set in.

Nico always seemed to workout near Acacia and had gotten to know her a bit. He respected her professionalism and maturity–not that others were not professional or mature–and regarded her opinion highly. He decided to get some advice from her.

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Nico:  Acacia…can I trouble you for some advice.

Acacia:  Sure. What’s on your mind?

Nico:  I…do you know if…ok…I would like to approach someone, (he nodded his head toward Braylon) but I’m not sure if I should…you know? I mean,…I’m old…I don’t even know if she’s available. And, we’re here…on TV. Maybe it’s not a good time.

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Acacia:  Nico, I think it’s admirable that you should consider these things before approaching her. It speaks to your compassion and maturity…and I don’t mean your age. I think you should do what feels right. However, you’ve asked for my opinion, and I will give it. You’re not asking for a date or getting engaged. You’re having a conversation with her which is very prudent. There is no harm in two adults having a conversation. So, talk…and be yourself.

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Nico:  Talk and be myself….I hope I’m still here tomorrow to talk.

Meanwhile, Braylon was oblivious to that conversation and was quite pleased with herself on her second win. She was concentrating very hard and working on lifting more weight.

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10-11-15_5_43_05 PM

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Sugar:  Welcome everyone to the second vote! And, thank you to our celebrity coaches for the time they put into this challenge. We know it is a sacrifice to do this while still working and be away from your family. Let’s give Brady and Viv a round of applause!

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10-11-15_5_44_46 PM

Brady:  Thank you all so much! You know…it is tough for us to be away from our family for this long and still work our jobs, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing! Viv and I love helping people achieve their goals. We believe it’s a calling! So, don’t hold us in high regard because of how we do things. This is what we do. We hold all of you in high regard for coming here to change your life, and we applaud you! I hate to say goodbye to any of you, but unfortunately that’s what we’re here to do tonight. Whoever you are, I feel very strongly that you are equipped with what you’ve learned here so far to make it through the challenges you’ll face at home. No doubt about it. Braylon is safe. Good luck to the rest of you.

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Sugar:  Thank you, Brady! For all of you watching at home, the poll is now open! Please visit our webpage and cast your vote for who you believe should stay around for another week. Braylon is safe and will automatically return. Whoever gets the least amount of votes will go home. Good luck to our contestants!





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