Chapter 10: This Is How We Do It

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“Ugh! You’re still here?”

“Joy! Come eat,” Sandra called from the kitchen.

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“So…how do you like Donnie?”

“Oh, he’s just swell, Mother!”

“Hey! Don’t sass your mother,” I said.

We had a nice dinner without any lip from Joy about her brother. We put the children to bed and cleaned up the kitchen.

“Hey, Sandra…the kids are asleep….”

“Don’t even think about it, X!”

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When Donovan’s birthday came around, he surprised us all.

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He looked just like me, but where in the world did that blonde hair come from? Sandra never knew her father, so maybe it’s possible that he was a blonde white guy. Her brother is half Asian, so why not?

Donnie was whiz kid. Always doing homework and developing his skills. But he had a lazy streak–just like his mother. I hope that doesn’t hurt him in the future.

One week I had gotten another promotion, and my schedule changed. I was grateful for the awesome bonus, the ridiculously large raise, shorter hours, and fewer working days, but now I had to work on Saturdays. That’s one less full day I got to spend with my children. It really sucked, but at least I was making lots of money for them. The first Saturday that I had to work just happened to be Sandra’s birthday. She took the kids to the park because Joy just loves the outdoors, and plus it’s good for them to socialize with other children–and good for Sandra to see other adults!

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She told me that Joy and Donnie had so much fun together that Joy completely forgot that she didn’t like him. I suppose they’ll end up having a great relationship after all!

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“Thank God!”

I got home at 4:00 and baked a strawberry cake to be ready when they arrived.

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“Ok kids, here comes mommy! When she comes in just start cheering for her.”

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“Mommy! You’re not supposed to make your wishes out loud,” Donnie said.

“I know, baby. I wish for happiness and good health for my family”

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Look at her! Sixty five and still fine! After we all ate cake, we partied like only the Pruetts can.

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This is how we do it!

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