Chapter 13: The House That X Built

Hello. I’m Sandra. I’ll be taking over this story from here. It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this news. My dear, loving, incredible Xavier passed away yesterday evening. The children and I are doing as well as we can.

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X was walking home from work when Grim snuck up on him from behind the bushes. How low! I thought he would have given him a little bit more time, but I guess he thought two days was sufficient.

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I don’t know who the poor passerby was, but I’m grateful for her because otherwise we would not have known what happened to him! He would have been a missing person. Anyway, this young woman ran to the house and banged on the door in hysterics.

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And that was it! Our Xavier was gone. It’s funny…despite how much you prepare for something, you’re affected by it when it happens. My children were ok at first, but when I decided to put his remains in the office, that’s when it hit them that their daddy was indeed gone. X didn’t have many friends, and the ones he did have passed away before him. So instead of having a public service, I decided to just let each of us take turns mourning our heart privately.

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I tried the best I could to be strong for them, but it was hard. Losing your father is completely different from losing your best friend and lover. The first few days were the worst. I was so glad my children were independent because I was no good to them–at all! I spent most of my time hiding out crying. I even cried in my sleep!

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I appreciate all of your support throughout the years, listening to my husband go on and on about all of us. He was always so happy after sharing our story with you. I will be your storyteller now until Donovan becomes of age. Please excuse me while I go tend to my children.

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